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This article will show you 101 lucrative blog ideas for Blogger that pay off in 2022. 

Have you ever wished to start your blog but were confused about the best topic to blog on?

Do you want your blog to make you good money but think you are probably blogging about the wrong topic?

If you are just starting, I have compiled these blog ideas for blogger that will help you pick out great options on ideas for blogs that you can explore.

Even as an experienced blogger, with this comprehensive report, you should never run dry on ideas on what to blog on.

All successful blogs started from an initial idea. But why do they succeed? Quite simply, because they were able to exploit a profitable niche!

Have you wondered what the most profitable ideas for blog are?

I did thorough research and then created these profitable ideas for blogger guide. These blog topics have the best followership on the internet.

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101 profitable ideas for blog classified by categories

This is a comprehensive list of ideas for blog that you easily can get an idea to blog on.

Health (8 blog ideas)

ideas for blogger

The United States spent 19% of its GDP on health care consumption in the year 2020 (source health system tracker). These statistics are just a picture of what is happening in almost every country.

This is an interesting niche to blog and share tips that help people manage their health better.

Below are health micro niches where you can blog on;

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This is one of the most popular blog niches in the health category. People love food, and who wouldn’t love to eat healthily? Blogging about food presents the opportunity to demonstrate tasty and healthy recipes to your blog followers.


We do not necessarily eat well every day for lack of time or simply because we have taken on bad habits. Your blog can be about helping your followers take on healthy eating habits.

Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine has the wind in its sails given the ineffectiveness of conventional drugs on some health problems. Chinese medicine, hypnosis, Ayurveda, and energy treatments are all ideas to feed a blog with effective advice for staying healthy.

ideas for blogger

Healing with plants

We now know, thanks to science, all the benefits that plants have on our bodies. Teach people how to get the most out of plants and their healing secrets.

Mental and emotional health

Help your audience overcome despair, fear, anxiety, and other emotional or mental difficulties so that they can live more peaceful and balanced lives.

Take care of yourself

How can you take care of others before taking care of yourself? Teach people how to put themselves back at the center of their lives to live happier lives.


Teach people to regain their self-confidence by changing the negative image they have of themselves by having better self-esteem. With simple and benevolent advice, pass on your secrets to regain self-confidence.

Skin problems

Many people suffer from skin problems. Acne or aging, give your recipes and advice to have clear and smooth skin!

Money (6 blog ideas)

ideas for blogger


Report your experience as an investor on your blog to offer the best advice and list the best opportunities to invest your money (real estate, website, stock market, online business, etc.).

Online betting

Offer your predictions and good tips to Internet users who follow you to succeed in their online bets.

Personal finance

Teach the art of managing personal finances (budget, mortgage, bank management, etc.) so that you are never in the red.

Business & financial independence

Share your knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur to help people achieve financial independence. Provide helpful tips to train them to become successful entrepreneurs.

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This is a sector that is exploding and where there is everything to do on the internet. Educate people about cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.) and teach them how to invest in these new digital currencies.


Teach people how to prepare properly for retirement.

Travels (4 blog ideas)

Ideas For Blogger

Guide to cities and regions

Explore your city or region. Recommend must-see spots and warn against tourist traps.

Trips abroad

Share your knowledge and tips on the countries you have visited: cheapest airlines, accommodation, restaurants, activities, tours, etc.


Share your ex-pat experience to help people who want to move to another country like you. You will thus save a lot of research time and money for future expatriates.

Learn a foreign language

If you love learning languages ​​or are fluent in several languages, why not share that on a blog. Allow people to know a few words before going to a foreign country.

Fitness / Sport (9 blog ideas)

ideas for blogger

Fitness blogs are numerous, but this topic is broad and covers a large number of sub-themes where you can become an authority.


Weight loss to melt fat is one of the most popular fitness blog topics. If you have had success in this area, share them: it’s a simple idea, which can be very lucrative when you start a blog.


Crossfit is a fashionable discipline that puts the body to the test through intense exercises. Share your CrossFit experience (advice on exercises, nutrition, equipment, etc.)


Discuss your passion for cycling through simple advice such as: which bike to buy? Why? how to maintain your bike, etc.


Running is a sport practiced by millions of people around the world to maintain their fitness. If you are a runner, why not share your experience, your tips, and your warm-up series on your blog to practice running in the most pleasant way possible!

Extreme sports

Climbing, parachute jumping, bungee jumping, surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, etc. Share your thrills through extreme sports.


Hiking is an easy sport to practice and accessible to all. Hiking, horseback riding, car, in the city in the countryside, etc… tell your hiking trails and make people want to do like you.


This is a sport that is increasingly popular in the world and which is very successful with women. If you’ve mastered pilate, why not blog about the exercises to perform and recommend the ideal equipment to practice this sport well.

Water aerobics

Playing sports without rushing your body is a need sought by many people. Ideal for keeping in shape without forcing your body.

Sports coaching

If you are a great sportsman or have practiced sport at a high level, you are legitimate to promulgate your advice and your experience to people who wish to play sports and keep in shape. In any case, it is a theme that works very well on the internet! 

If you can write about it and make useful videos for Internet users, it is a very lucrative business.

Well-being (8 blog ideas)

Blog Ideas For Bloggers


We no longer count the victims of stress daily. Teach, via your blog, how to relax and meditate to achieve a mental state of pure calm and inner silence.


Yoga is a philosophy and discipline that comes from India and works extremely well in the West. If you are a teacher, you can easily make videos showing how to practice Yoga at home to feel better every day.


Transmit, through your experience, the art of being Zen at all times, to evacuate the stresses of our life.

Wellbeing at work

Nowadays, work is often a source of stress. Accompany people daily so that work becomes a pleasure again and no longer a pain.

Get out of a toxic relationship

Many people suffer the consequences of toxic people who vampirize them daily. Teach the art of detaching yourself step by step from harmful people.


Do you know the stars and their influences on us? Showcase your knowledge in a blog and help people see things more clearly in their lives.

Ecological transition

Teach Internet users to transform their habitat or their way of life in an eco-responsible way to live more in harmony with the planet.

Food (10 blog ideas)

Healthy cooking / healthy foods

Teach Internet users how to prepare healthy meals and also which foods and plants have a beneficial power on our body.

Wines & Champagnes

If you are an oenologist or passionate about wines and champagnes, share your knowledge on your blog. You will find many amateurs who are looking for advice on this topic.

Craft beers

Beer is enjoying growing success year after year, especially craft beer. Why not show people how to make their own beer at home?

World cuisines

Thai cuisine, Moroccan cuisine, Indian cuisine: share your information and your recipes on these world cuisines!

Cook lesson

People don’t have a lot of time to cook their meals. Teach them to cook simply without it taking too much time; it is a service that will be greatly appreciated.

Home cooking

Everyone loves homemade and grandmother’s recipes. Teach old homemade recipes to awaken the taste buds of your visitors.

 Pastry shop

Cakes, pies, and sorbets are all recipes on which you can capitalize to create content that foodies will appreciate.


List and list all the recipes you know to attract visitors who lack inspiration for their daily meals.

Equipment for cooking

Don’t underestimate this idea! Help cooks choose the best equipment to prepare the dishes of their dreams. It is a very good theme to place affiliate links within your content.

Vegetarian / Vegan

For ethical and ecological reasons, some people become or have become vegetarians or vegans. Share your tips and recipes to support these people in their food choices and daily diet. Also teach, to those who still eat meat, how to eat, little by little, less meat or animal products.

Coffee & Tea

What could be better than a good coffee after a meal or a delicious tea to accompany a pastry. List the best coffees or teas you know and the best places to buy or taste them!

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Entertainment (6 blog ideas)


List the artistic, cultural, sporting events and concerts in your neighborhood/city/region/country to allow Internet users to have fun near their homes.

Movies / Cinema / Series

Passionate about cinema? Give constructive criticism of the movies you’ve been to recently! Make rankings of the best films listed by category (ex: Top action film 2021)


As with movies, rate the best TV shows. Decipher the current TV news to offer the best programs adapted to the needs of your audience.

LoL cats

There’s nothing funnier than a cat in action. Post the funniest cat videos/pictures on the internet. And how about incorporating routine animal care tips into it? It will keep animal lovers glued!

Theater / Opera

What was the most recent play you saw? Did she touch you? Did she make you laugh? Why? Tell it in your blog to make people want to go to the theater. Make an inventory of the best current pieces.

Comedy / one-man show

List the best current comedy shows. Do you make those around you laugh? Why not teach the art of making people laugh with some of your tricks? enough for them to also become the service comedian for an evening

Hobby / Passion (21 blog ideas)


Gardening is an ideal activity to relax but can also be a lifestyle choice to produce your own food. Teach internet users to master the basics of gardening so they can grow the plants of their choice. From the Sunday gardener to the informed permaculturist, you will always find an audience on the internet!


You are good at drawing? Make tutorials to teach people how to draw.


Presenting your works of art on the internet is a great way to get known! Prioritize photos and photo platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.


You have musical talent. Broadcast your sounds on the web or teach people to play a musical instrument that you’ve mastered.


Share your writings or the art of writing with your audience. Copywriting (the art of writing to convince) is a marketing discipline that is currently paying a lot on the internet!


Do you like cars or motorcycles? Present the most beautiful models and details on your blog!

Card Games / Gambling

Are you a poker ace? Teach people how to play poker and make money!


List the latest tools, gadgets, hardware, and high-tech trends on your blog. Also, teach people how to fix their damaged high-tech hardware.

Computer programming

Computer coding is the foundation of all the systems, tools, and hardware we use in our daily lives. It is an inexhaustible source of diverse and varied content. Teach people how to code, you’ll make thousands happy, and you will be happy in return.

Web design

Websites are replacing physical shops and this is a niche that is currently booming. Use your web design experience to teach people how to set up their websites and manage them.

Boats / Sailing

Doesn’t a good trip on the open sea feel good? Teach people how to sail or share your passion for today’s or yesterday’s boats with Internet users who are interested in this theme.


Promote fishing gear if fishing is your hobby. Share your tips and favorite gear with fishing enthusiasts. Make tutorials (how to set up a line, etc.)


Blogs to learn photography are legion on the internet and work very well. The material is expensive; so much to be advised! If you have a talent for photography, make it known via your blog and promulgate your pro tips to beginners and people who want to learn.


There are countless fashion blogs on the web. You can talk about the latest men’s/women’s fashion trends but also advise people on clothing styles.


Learning to wear makeup is an art. Give your expert advice to have the most successful makeup but also the easiest to achieve.


If you have a passion for golf and are doing well, why not teach people how to become an ace on the green?


Share your passion for stars in the world in your blog. Teach Internet users to recognize the stars. What material do you use? how do you proceed? say it!

Horse riding

Do you practice or have practiced horse riding at a high level? Teach people how to get started: what are the best riding centers in your city/region and the best equipment to get started.

Martial Arts & Self Defense

Make Internet users want to practice martial art by sharing the basic techniques to get started.

Interior / exterior decoration

Do you have a gift for decoration? Inspire people by posting the most beautiful interior (or exterior) decoration photos. Share your good tips so that your audience can also make this decoration at home.


Salsa, rock, African dance, ballroom dancing… Learn how to perform the steps of your favorite dance!


Dogs, cats, NAC, etc…. Share your good advice for welcoming, raising, and caring for our pets. This is indeed a huge niche.

Video games (4 blog ideas)

Video game news

There are so many new video games coming out every day on consoles, PCs, or smartphones! This represents a huge source of content production for a blog: Comment and offers your opinion on the latest fashionable video games.

Video game tutorials

Are you a Pro Gamer in a particular video game? Teach players how to become more successful in their favorite video game (beginners guide, strategy, list of skills to master, etc…). A wide choice is available to you to share your advice.

Equipment Video games

What is the best equipment to become a professional player? Use your experience to allow new players to perform better with efficient equipment!

Escape Games

It’s the hottest game right now. It’s about escaping from a place in a limited time, by solving puzzles. List the best escape games in your city/region/country to introduce this type of game to Internet users.

Love relationships (5 blog ideas)

ideas for blog


Everyone is looking for love! Teach the art of seduction or being irresistible. Make a list of the greatest online dating sites.

Couple relationship

In relationships, there are sometimes ups and sometimes downs. Therefore, teach couples how to establish a lasting balance to live harmoniously with their spouse.


There are more and more wedding-themed blogs on the internet (organization, decoration, ceremony, etc.). Help the bride and groom plan their wedding so that this date becomes one of the happiest days of their lives.

Start a family

The birth of a child changes a lot of things in married life. Teach your readers how to welcome the birth of their first and subsequent child/ren.


Divorces are sometimes a tough ordeal. Relate your experience and give your advice to learn how to manage and overcome a divorce. You can also list all the administrative tasks to plan to settle a divorce quickly.

Family (6 blog ideas)

ideas for blog

Being a parent

Illustrate your daily life as a parent and share your successes and also your failures on your blog. You will be loved and appreciated.

Pregnancy / Becoming a parent

Describe step by step your pregnancy, the preliminary preparation to welcome your child, and your experience of becoming a parent.

Family holidays

Share your tips for going on vacation and having fun with the family at a lower price.

Family entertainment

List the games, outings, and your best tips for having fun as a family and sharing good times with your children.

Save money for your home

List all the good plans to allow parents to save money daily to keep their family budget.

School at home(Homeschooling)

Train parents in national education programs to become teachers for their children so that they can educate them at home. This is called Homeschooling.

Career / Work (6 blog ideas)

ideas for blog

Application, CV & cover letter

Give your advice to candidates who apply for a position in a company to put the odds on their side to succeed in their job interviews.


Accompany your readers in the realization of their career plan so that they quickly reach the highest positions in their company.


Teach managers and business leaders the best management techniques to obtain a successful team or business.

Get a promotion/raise

List your most effective tips for getting a promotion or a raise at work.


Help Internet users find the best training on the market to achieve their career goals.

Work efficiency

Use your experience as a super employee to help people become more efficient in their work (organization, tools, training, etc.)

Social networks (4 blog ideas)

ideas for blog


Give your top tips for getting people to start an Instagram account and quickly gain thousands of followers.


Teach Internet users how to create a Facebook page and manage it like pros to generate as many likes as possible and hence enhance their business/brands.


Do you know YouTube? Share your experience and your tips (ex: how to create a Youtube video? how to make a video editing?) to all budding YouTubers so that they too can experience success on the video platform.

Mastering social networks

Train bloggers on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) to acquire more visitors to their blogs. Create guides for beginners.

Politics (4 blog ideas)

ideas for blog

Point of view / Political criticism

Give your point of view on political news and offer constructive criticism to improve the general life of your fellow citizens.


Analyze the global geopolitical situation and share your analysis on your blog to allow Internet users to understand the current political issues existing between the different countries of the world.

Society & politics

Analyze current political impacts on society and write about them on your blog.

Political education

Educate Internet users about political systems and parties so that they understand and become more involved in political life.

Now create a Blog from your blog idea

Now, there’s no more excuse to come up with ideas for blog that you should be blogging on. You can even use a combination of similar topics from this comprehensive list of ideas. It all depends on your creativity.

As a beginner, once you’ve come up with a blog idea, you’ll probably want to start a blog.

With this tutorial, you can easily decide on your blog niche, go through the right process to launch your blog, and start blogging.

Conclusion: 101 blog ideas that pay off in 2022 (profitable niches)

As revealed in this article, there are numerous ideas for blog that you can choose from.

All of the options I have explained in this post are quite lucrative, though you need to put in the work.

Another thing to ensure is that you choose a topic that you either know a bit about or a topic that you love and have an interest in.

Create quality content around this topic and your success is ensured as a blogger.

That’s it, you’ve found your blog idea. Why not get started today by creating your blog!?