5 Best Free WhatsApp Marketing Software To Make Marketing Fun

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best free whatsapp marketing software

These are my 5 best free WhatsApp marketing software that you never knew could make life easy for you as a business owner!

Email marketing was the only effective way to build customer lists and sell. But WhatsApp marketing is becoming the new Knite in the business world.

Statistics have revealed the rise of WhatsApp marketing as becoming an even more effective way to sell than email marketing. Especially if you run a small or local business. 

Indeed, you can use WhatsApp marketing to achieve your sales goals irrespective of your business type.

This guide will show you the 5 best free WhatsApp marketing software that you can link up with your WhatsApp. This will enhance marketing and make selling much more fun and enjoyable.

If you are ready to start using these best free WhatsApp marketing software, let me show them to you!

Watch this guide in the video below

WhatsApp Status Saver

best free whatsapp marketing software

Many people didn’t even consider this software as a marketing tool, but it is!

WhatsApp status saver is one of the most important marketing software that you can use with WhatsApp marketing!

Whatsapp status saver software is created to help you save the status images and videos of other WhatsApp users on your contact list into your media library.

For business owners, it is a must for you to have contact of some of your competitors. Especially those businesses that are bigger than yours. 

In digital marketing, one way to stay inspired and creative with marketing is to consume the content of other people. I mean always seeing and staying in touch with content that other people are posting!

So, if you see a status image or video that you love or think that you can model to serve the customer list on your WhatsApp contact, then the easiest thing to do is to save such status posts immediately. 

This is what WhatsApp status saver app helps you to do.

There are a lot of such apps on the Play Store or App store. Personally, I love the Status saver for WhatsApp and WhatsApp business app. 

best free whatsapp marketing software

This is because this app can save status both for WhatsApp chat and WhatsApp business all at the same time.

To download this app on your phone, go to Playstore, or App store if you are using an iPhone.

To be able to save other people’s WhatsApp status posts to your Gallery, make sure you have viewed the status post that you want to save from the WhatsApp app.

Then open it, and you will see a display of all the status posts that you have seen on WhatsApp.

Identify the one you want to save and tap it. It will be automatically saved into your phone.

You can then go ahead and use it, either directly. But you can edit it, a little so that it can be unique to your brand or business.

WhatsApp web

WhatsApp web is the desktop web application of the normal WhatsApp app. 

So how does this help your WhatsApp marketing experience?

If you are using the WhatsApp web feature on WhatsApp, this means that you can have your WhatsApp app on your laptop or desktop. That is, with the same phone number as the WhatsApp app on your phone or tablet.

What this means is that you can have both a desktop and phone version of the same WhatsApp contact. 

Personally, this has been one of the features of WhatsApp that I have enjoyed the most. 

I am always on my laptop and so, connecting with my WhatsApp is just better for me on a laptop than the phone.

If you use WhatsApp for business, you will also notice that using WhatsApp on a desktop or laptop is quite handy and fast, among some other benefits it offers.

So installing WhatsApp web on your laptop is easy. 

Just go to web.whatsapp.com

Next, open your WhatsApp application on your phone

Go to settings and tap the QR code icon

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Use your phone to scan the QR code on your desktop screen

You can now use WhatsApp Business in your browser

This is the quickest way to access WhatsApp web. 

But do know also that you can install the app directly on your browser, use the chrome extension, or even the Whatsapp API which is made for bigger businesses.

But using this quickest method I have shown is a great way to access WhatsApp web easily.

WhatsApp redirect

If you are trying to set up WhatsApp business automation or trying to build WhatsApp lead, then WhatsApp redirect will be a very essential tool for you.

So, Whatsapp redirect will help you by redirecting people to your WhatsApp contact from the internet. 

For instance, let’s say you want to use a lead magnet to build your WhatsApp leads, then WhatsApp redirect will help you create a unique link.

When you do, you can either send this link out directly or you can embed this link on your lead collection button that automatically redirects people to your WhatsApp contact directly.

I love to use the Postcron WhatsApp link generator whenever I am trying to create a WhatsApp redirect. 

While on postcron, click create a link. 

Type in your WhatsApp phone number with the country code without adding the plus sign.

One unique thing about postcron is that it lets your new leads communicate with you first, this is a feature that other WhatsApp redirects don’t have.

So to do that, type in the message you want them to send to you. 

Sure, they will send you the chat once they click the redirect link or call to action button and see it. Then you can save their contact on WhatsApp to market your product or service to them.

Whatsapp auto responder

What will happen to you if you have 500 persons showing up on your WhatsApp contact asking you the same question?

Sometimes this happens, especially let’s say you are running a WhatsApp ad campaign.

Answering everyone that comes to your WhatsApp manually can be hell. If this has happened to you before, you will easily agree with me!

How about an autoresponder do the answering for you, whether you are awake or sleeping?!

A good example is if you want to give them a free downloadable resource. All you have to do is to set up your autoresponder so that once these people come to your WhatsApp to request, this app quickly reply them with the downloadable link. That simple

My favorite WhatsApp autoresponder app is the All Autoresponder for social media app. 

WhatsApp marketing tool

It is a free app that you can easily download on the Play Store or app store. 

Once you download, agree to their terms

Turn on the allow access toggle

Turn on the apps that you want this tool to work with either your WhatsApp or WhatsApp business app, whichever one you are using for your business. 

Allow notification access. 

WhatsApp marketing

Ok, this app usually will come with preset autoresponders, so delete them so you can set up your own.

Tap the + icon

Make sure that the Active box is ticked.

Toggle WhatsApp to active

Come over to the Receive message box and type in a chat that you will most likely receive from your customers.

Here, make a choice, you should select either “contain” or “exact match”

Come over to the answer box and then type in your response. 

Then save this setup and any time anybody visits your WhatsApp business with a chat, then your most appropriate response will be delivered automatically. 

Even while you are sleeping, you can set repeated autoresponders for your customers and it will work automatically.

WhatsApp Post Scheduler!

Now, I have a piece of bad news for you (not so bad though).

If you know you will be too lazy to always post relevant content and chats on WhatsApp, then just forget about enjoying the best results with WhatsApp marketing.

This is because you need to constantly post relevant information to your pool of customer contacts before you can enjoy the benefits of getting huge patronage!

But if you are a lazy marketer or you just find it difficult to remain consistent with regular posting, then this is where the WhatsApp post scheduler will come in to help you!

Personally, I use Skedit to schedule my WhatsApp messages, but do know also that SkedIt is a freemium tool.

All you need is to search for SkedIt on your Playstore or Appstore and install it as usual.

You have to sign up, SkedIt also works with other messaging apps.

best free whatsapp marketing software

Allow accessibility prompts.

You can choose the kind of posts you want to schedule.

You can also schedule your status posts.

Then compose your messages and your scheduled dates and then choose from your contact or Groups, to who you want these messages to go. You can also schedule broadcasts.

best free whatsapp marketing software

Conclusion: 5 Best Free WhatsApp Marketing Software To Make Marketing Fun

So these are my 5 best free WhatsApp marketing software that can help you automate your WhatsApp marketing experience and boost your marketing results.

Good to know that all of them are free to use.

Using them will help you free your time so that you can attend to more important things while your WhatsApp marketing setup barely needs your presence.

Go ahead and use either all or any of them that you feel you need the most at the moment to make your marketing much easier than it used to be.


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