Amazing Website Builder for WordPress You Must Consider in 2022

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website builder for wordpress

Website Builder for WordPress You Must Consider in 2022

These are my best website builder for WordPress from my six years of blog design experience.

Hey, how bad will you feel spending so much time and resources designing and setting up your website, only to discover that you are using the wrong website builder or theme!


What is a website builder?

website builder for wordpress

A WordPress website builder helps you design beautiful and professional websites without touching a single line of code

WordPress Website builders are a gift from heaven, especially if you are a beginner web designer.

I’ll explain the factors you have to consider before deciding on the website builder for WordPress of your choice to design your WordPress website. These factors will come in handy for you should you not use any of the options I recommend in this article.

There are factors to consider before choosing a website builder for WordPress website

It even gets more confusing when you visit ThemeForest or the WordPress theme library. This is because, according to Hubspot data, there are over 31,000 WordPress themes out there(Source). Both free and premium.

That is a huge number for anyone to choose from.

Irrespective of the WordPress website builder you will go for, consider these factors. They will help you to make an informed choice.

Factors to consider while choosing a Website builder for WordPress

1. Interface and ease of use

2. Customization modules

3. Premade template options

4. Price

Interface and ease of use

wordpress website builder

Without a doubt, this is one factor you want to consider before picking your website builder for WordPress. After all, the first reason you are on WordPress is that WordPress claims to be the easiest CMS. 

You want to go for a Website builder with a clean, simple, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-use interface. 

Even as an experienced web designer, some website builders can be very frustrating. As a beginner, you want to run far from such a website builder or theme.

Therefore, you want to use a Website builder for WordPress with a simple interface and easy-to-use drag-n-drop functionality. 

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Customization modules

wordpress website builder

Customization modules are functional elements that make a web page super cool to use. These modules determine the user experience of a website page. 

They include elements such as; texts, headings, buttons, blurbs, icons, countdowns, pricing tables, etc. 

Ideally, you want to go for a website builder for WordPress that has as many of these modules as possible. 

There are indeed compatible plugins that add additional modules to different WordPress builders and themes. But if you are like me, who tries so much to limit the number of plugins running on my WordPress website, you will instead consider choosing a website builder for WordPress that has as many of these modules built into them as possible.

Premade template options

Premade templates are a Godsent. It saves you a ton of time when designing the overall design of your website.

With a premade template, all you need is to pick any option that suits your website message. And a fully designed multipage website design can be ready with just a click of a button!

You want to go for a website builder for WordPress that has as many of these premade templates as possible.

Though you might not like every premade template present in your builder, if you are using a WordPress theme builder with hundreds or even thousands of different premade templates built into them, your option becomes limitless!

Premade template is also a feature that you will need massively if you build a website as a business. This simply means that in less than 2 hours, you can get a whole website ready, thanks to the variety of premade templates available to you to use. 


Yeah, everybody wants to hear about pricing, who doesn’t?

There are tons of free website builders for WordPress out there that are quite good. Needless to say, several freemium and premium builders also exist.

While it’s just common sense to want to check out free builders, do understand also that the paid builders are not just charging you for no reason. There are also reasons why you might be getting a WordPress website builder for free.

But generally, pricing is a factor that you should put into consideration while thinking of your choice for a website builder for WordPress.

If you want better service, unique and exclusive customization, safety, etc, you might want to consider a premium WordPress builder that justifies its cost. If not, of course, there are also great free WordPress builders available for you. 

Other factors such as speed, mobile responsiveness, security, and size are other factors to consider while making a choice of your preferred website builder for WordPress.

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My recommended Website builder for WordPress

Considering all of the factors I have described above and based on my 6 years of experience as a web designer. I have used and tested over 10 WordPress website builders, when it comes to my choice of the best website builder for WordPress, a few names do come to mind.

But two do stand out, Divi theme builder and Elementor.

website builder for wordpress

These are two very popular website builders for WordPress out there. A lot of web designers and bloggers use them, I constantly use them though I feel quite more comfortable with Divi.

They are both superb and seriously, if so many people are using them, you can be sure they are about the best WordPress builders out there.

Interface and ease of use

Divi is the flagship of ease when it comes to drag n drop functionality. Even if you don’t have any web design experience, getting used to the Divi interface is an easy pie that you will easily get accustomed to.


Elementor also stands out when we talk about the easy drag and drop function. 


Elementor has its list of elements on the sidebar from where you can drag the desired element easily into your website. From the sidebar, you easily find options to edit your modules and texts.

Customization modules

I can’t remember the last time I searched for the desired module on Divi without finding one that meet my need.

Divi has 46 modules built into it and like I just stated, this should get you covered without even installing any addon for enhancement.

website builder for wordpress

The free version of Elementor has about 48 modules to work with. That’s quite a handful for a free theme.

Premade template options

At the time of writing this article, Divi has over 900 premade templates built into its builder. What’s even more interesting is that Divi adds new templates to this list every week.

And for Divi, these templates are not just normal templates, they are layout packs, meaning that each template comes with several other pages within it that are all consistent and look alike. 

This means that a single template which should be a Home page will come with several other pages like About, Contact, Blog, Shop pages, etc, all consistently designed.

Honestly, if you are as lazy as I can be sometimes, I don’t do any design for my Clients when I‘m working with Divi.

With over 900 already made templates to choose from, there’s hardly any time I don’t see a template that suits the kind of website that I want to build. 

Elementor has about 44 premade full templates and about 150 block templates(section customizers) available for use in the free version. If you are not going to pay, then being able to choose a premade template among 44 is quite a generous move. 

Of course, Elementor pro doubles the number of templates from which you can make your choice. 



Well, as you might have guessed, Divi does not have a free option.

They have two different pro options which are cheap for the features in Divi. 

I think this is one reason why Divi is the most popular premium website builder in WordPress.

Elementor has both the free option and the pro. I guess the free option makes Elementor a bit more of a popular website builder for WordPress. Come to think of it, the free option has great customization features. So it’s ideal for you if you want to build your website but are not ready to part with your dollar. Can you always upgrade to the pro version later? Of course yes you can.

As for factors such as speed and mobile responsiveness, both builders stand tall, even though I just love how Divi’s mobile site setup is done, maybe because I love Divi’s design interface quite better.


My Recommendation

If you do a quick review of these two website builders for WordPress, Divi, and Elementor, you will certainly get convinced that their users are happy at both ends. You should expect individual differences too.

I have used both builders for years and I can say that they are both great to use.

But somehow, I will still prefer Divi over Elementor.

Maybe because I just love Divi’s interface. Also, the fact that it has an almost unlimited amount of premade website templates which I easily use to create just anything I want.

With Divi’s numerous premade templates, I can build anything from full websites, and blogs to landing pages, just name it. It has that little edge over the Elementor page builder.

Also, come to think of it, Divi offers a lifetime premium fee after which you will never pay a dime again for life. This means that with Divi, you will build unlimited websites for absolutely free after you pay just the first time.

Up until now, I am yet to see any premium WordPress theme with that price option(something keeps telling me that Divi won’t keep the option open for life!).

If you love to get your hands on web design without committing any money, I guarantee Elemetor. It’ll be a much smarter move for you. Go for it.

Conclusion: Amazing Website Builder for WordPress You Must Consider in 2022

Website builders for WordPress are a gift from heaven for every web designer. And especially if you are a web design beginner.

 It’s amazing how you can customize a fully functional professional website without touching a single line of code. All thanks to website builders. This is the reason why your choice of website builder is one of the most important decisions you will make as a blog or site designer.

You want to make sure about the following;

  • that you choose a website builder for WordPress that has a simple yet amazing interface for use
  • has all the customization modules that will give your web visitors a great user experience
  • enhance mobile responsiveness, has bumper premade templates, and is either cheap or free to use.

I believe that this article has helped you clear all doubts about the features of the best website builders for WordPress. Now you know which builder to choose for your next web design journey.

While discussing topics like this, we can’t rule out our differences. So, apart from the two WordPress website builders that I’ve mentioned in this article, which other builders have you used and think are great for web designers to try out?

We all love to hear from you.

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