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I know that you want to blog. You need to know the very best platform for blogging. That is what I will show you in this piece. 

If you choose the wrong blogging platform, you might have wasted so much time and resources before realizing it!

Forget about those long posts telling you 15 platforms that bloggers are using, or the 25 different blogging platforms on the internet. Maybe I will write about that later, but for now, I know you don’t have that time!

Besides, you do not need to know ten possible platforms to blog on before you start. 

What you need is the best platform for blogging in terms of;

  •  how easy it is to use
  • how effective it is
  • is it free or cheap, and 
  • how popular is such a blogging platform among successful bloggers?

 That is exactly what I will be sharing with you in this article.

Getting Your Blogging Process Right

Getting your blog niche topic right, in my opinion, is the most important first step towards blogging success. 

Once you’ve achieved this very important step, then you want to pick the best blogging platform to host and manage your blog.

The goal of this article is not to dissect all the blogging platforms available on the internet. This can land you in confusion.

Rather, I will hit the nail on the head, giving you the best choice for the best blogging platform to manage your blog. Irrespective of the domain hosting company you choose to patronize.

This will guarantee success more than any other blogging platform that exists. 

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Importance of picking a top blogging platform 

Have you made up your mind on the blog name and niche that you want to blog on? If you have done so, great, and if not, you need to check this article out asap! 

Once that is settled, the next step to achieving your top blogging dream is the setting up of your new blog. Then, get started with your content creation. 

To do this, you will need to choose the best platform for blogging. A top blogging platform that effectively dictates how your site will be structured. 

This platform will also be responsible for your blog’s total appearance and functionality.

The best platform to blog on the internet

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best platform to blog to achieve a successful blogging career is WordPress.

According to Optin Monster, there are about 60 million blogs hosted on WordPress.

While you have the freedom to choose other content management platforms such as a hard-coded website, Blogspot, Medium, Tumblr, Wix, Google sites, etc. I will categorically suggest that you should use WordPress as your blog management platform. 

When I mention WordPress, I mean a self-hosted WordPress Website. I have to mention this because WordPress has two versions, there is a free hosted WordPress CMS and a self-hosted WordPress CMS. I am talking about the self-hosted WordPress CMS in this instance.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Blog with WordPress (Self-hosted)

If you are following my blog, you would have heard me mention time and again that what guarantees success in blogging is to flow along with what already works for other successful bloggers.

Once again, be careful of wanting to be too unique. It’s just the rule that will greatly influence your success in blogging.

Blog with WordPress! It is by a distance the most popular and widely used blogging platform. This statistic is buttressed by the unprecedented success recorded by WordPress users.

BEST platform for blogging

For several reasons, WordPress is the best blogging platform in the world. 

According to, WordPress 5.3(the latest WordPress version) has been downloaded over 7 million times already. 

Other numerous pieces of data show why you should not think twice, blog with WordPress!

As of the time of writing this piece, WordPress powers over 45% of all websites on the internet. That is a huge number, and you should know that there must be reasons why everyone is gravitating towards WordPress.

Why Everyone Is Using WordPress

Let’s highlight a few of the reasons why blogging with WordPress remains the top blogging option for bloggers.

The goal of this piece is to advise that you blog with WordPress any time you want to pick a platform to set up your blog.


Do you want to blog and yet you know little or nothing about how to design a website? Then WordPress is for you. The super simplistic features of WordPress are a major reason why bloggers go for it.

It will not matter if you want to design your blog or outsource it. Whichever way, you will eventually want to manage your blog and this is where to blog with WordPress plays out perfectly.


Despite its amazing simplicity, WordPress is still used by the biggest companies in the world to design their website.

If companies such as Mercedes Benz, Starwars, TechCrunch, etc are using WordPress, then you want to go in the same direction too.

This particular point may sound superficial that you have to blog with WordPress just because everyone else is using it. 

But no, it’s beyond trying to be a copycat. Statistics abound to prove to you that if you want the best blogging experience, you should go with WordPress.

best platform for blogging

Free tools and readily available support

WordPress is the most popular website management system, and this popularity has become an advantage. 

Many of the tools you will use to get your blog ready are readily available and most are even free to use!

WordPress support is huge and available everywhere on the internet.

With WordPress, you will never run into an unsolvable itch. 

It is also a great time to let you know this blog and my connected social media platforms exist to help you solve any WordPress problem that you will ever come across along your blogging and web design journey.


Another reason to blog in WordPress is the ease of fully customizing your website to meet your imaginable taste, no matter what it is.

If you can imagine it, then you can create it with WordPress without breaking a sweat. 


Technically, WordPress is free to use(though that doesn’t mean you will never spend a dime). 

While you will still need to pay to get a domain name and hosting which is incredibly cheap, WordPress itself is free. 

Hosting will cost you less than the price of a cup of ice cream. Anyone serious about creating a source of income with blogging should easily be able to afford it.

Plenty of testimonials of successful users

Finally, thousands of bloggers around the world have achieved huge success using WordPress. Why then would you use anything else that is much more of an unknown quantity? 

Why would you risk it by using a more difficult platform?

If you are just starting out, make a smart move by choosing WordPress. It is without a doubt the best platform for blogging for beginners and indeed, anyone. 

Conclusion: Best Platform For Blogging in 2022

48% of website owners use WordPress content management systems. 

Top earning bloggers all over the world use WordPress. 

There are strong reasons why everyone is moving toward WordPress as you have seen in this article.

Are you a blogger currently blogging on other platforms apart from WordPress? Feel free to share in the comment section your thoughts, especially if you think that they do better than WordPress, everyone will love to hear from you.