Best Privacy Policy Generator Free Tool In 2022

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privacy policy generator free

Are you looking for a privacy policy generator free for your website or blog? That’s exactly what I will show you in this short article.

If you will rather love to see this guide in the video format, then check it up here.

A privacy policy is one of the most crucial pages of a website. It might not always be displayed like some other pages on the website menu.

If you want to stay safe, you need to create one for your website immediately.

Follow me as I show you how to publish your website’s privacy policy by using a privacy policy generator free tool.

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Privacy policy generator free tool

If you own a WordPress website, you can use a privacy policy generator free plugin to get one prepared. But if you have been following me for a while, you will notice that anytime I have the opportunity, I always try to avoid the use of plugins.

Don’t get me wrong, I use plugins too, but if I can create the desired functionality easily without one, then I try to keep plugins minimal on my websites.

So, let’s create a privacy policy easily without using a plugin. We will use a great privacy policy generator online tool for this purpose.


Open H-Supertools on your web browser

On the top menu, locate web tools and hover on the dropdown arrow, click the privacy policy generator link.

privacy policy generator free


Scroll down under the generates your privacy policy, type your website name and your website URL

Click the generate privacy policy button. 

privacy policy generator free

It will generate a duplicate of the custom privacy policy for your website. One will be in HTML text and the other in plain text. 

privacy policy generator free


Choose your most preferred. 

Since the plane text mode is easier, I will go with that for this guide.

If you scan through this policy, you will notice that it’s been written as a custom privacy policy for your website.

You can take this a step further by copying this text and confirming the grammar with any of your editors, I use Grammarly. Of course, you can just use it as it is.


Copy the entire text. 


Create a new page and name it privacy policy.

I will demonstrate that on WordPress;

WordPress dashboard>>Pages>>New page>>New paragraph


Paste your privacy policy on this new page.


Go ahead and publish the page.

How to display a privacy policy on your website

The privacy policy page is not supposed to feature on your website’s primary menu. All the time, it is best to include it as a link preferably in the footer section of your website


Copy the link to your new privacy policy page


Go to your website Footer section, create privacy policy text


Hyperlink this link into the privacy policy text.

Save your changes

View your new privacy policy link to sure it’s working fine.

Congratulations, your website now has a custom and accepted privacy policy.

This is how to create a privacy policy for your website using a privacy policy generator free tool.

I won’t mind if you can help share this article, I will love for more website users who need these tips to see this free guide.

Thank you.

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