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I have used a couple of video editing free online tools, some freemium, and some others are paid tools.

WYZOWL statistics have shown that more than 80% of internet consumers now prefer video content to text and even graphics. Also, apps like TikTok and the upgraded features of Instagram and Facebook have made video content very popular and appealing.

best social media manager tool

Therefore, content creators and marketers now look for easy ways to create appealing video content. 

Let’s face it, making videos can be a challenging task. But that’s only if you try to create these videos from scratch by yourself, all the time.

With the recent boom in video editing free online tools, making videos has become so easy and rewarding. But that’s for content creators who know about these tools.

I present to you, from my experience, INVIDEO, my best video editing Free Online Tool.

I have used other online video tools such as, flexclip, Lumin5, and Animoto, which are not bad in themselves. But I think that Invideo has an edge over several of these video makers. But of course, that’s just my personal opinion.



Invideo is an online video maker which helps you convert content into videos, or make a new video either from scratch or by editing their already available templates.

For Bloggers and content creators, Invideo can help you convert blog posts into videos. This is a great feature that several other video editors don’t offer.

With this tool, anyone can create and edit any kind of video, even with zero technical skill.

Invideo is a freemium video editing tool.

You can do a lot with the free option but if you are a Freelance video creator editor or you want even more advanced video editing options for a little price, then you can subscribe to any of the cheap paid plans.

Invideo gives you the room to customize your videos to suit your every taste. You can even upload custom media like images, audio, and even video content.

Video Editing Free Online


What you can do with Invideo

  1. You can create videos or social media videos ranging from TikTok videos, Instagram reels, Stories, or video posts
  2. You can create a complete Youtube video with INVIDEO
  3. You can create marketing videos in any niche market. All you need to do is to search for your market keyword in the video template search bar
  4. You can convert blog posts and indeed any text into a ready-made video file and use it any way you want

As an untrained video creator, some features in Invideo that can be of immense importance to you, and I include

  • Free audio files
  • Text overlay
  • Media library
  • Tons of stickers
  • Speed/video length adjustment
  • Font quote templates
  • Ready-made templates in all niches
  • Visual effects
  • Speed merge
  • Reseller rights
  • Split and merge videos
  • Blog post/article to video
  • Shareable link
  • HD Resolution
  • Variety of Fonts
  • Ability to upload custom photos and videos
  • Visual enhancements like collages, masks, and more
  • Unlimited character length
  • Video Making & Stabilization
  • Shapes, text boxes, and more. 

Bear in mind that both for free and premium users, Invideo keeps updating with new features every time. There’s just too much to enjoy with Invideo, based on my experience.

Though not all of these features are available to free users, even for the free option, you have more than enough choices to make to create amazing videos. It’s simply unbelievable.

But if you want to have access to everything Invideo has to offer, you might want to check out their pricing. 

At the time of compiling this, you can get the premium use for as low as $15 per month. In fact, that was one of the reasons I switched over to INVIDEO. Who wouldn’t switch with such a ridiculous price for these features embedded in Invideo?!

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How To create videos in Invideo

In simple steps, this is what to do to create a video in Invideo.

Sign up to Invideo and browse for a template that resonates well with your idea or brand’s story.

Sign up with INVIDEO HERE

All you have to do is go ahead and use any of Invideo’s free stock images, videos, and audio files and add up texts as you desire.

Video Editing Free Online

Depending on your desire and taste, you can mix things up by uploading your images, videos, and audio.

Adjust your clip timing to fit your desired video length, format your text and blend your features as you desire.

This video explains how you can create a custom video using the Invideo tool.

You can also build your videos in Invideo from scratch if you want to do so. Like I also do sometimes, I just pick inspiration from an already done video and create my video from a blank template.

Once you are satisfied, then export and download your video. You can also share such videos directly on social media from your Invideo template.

How To Make Money As A Freelancer with Invideo

If you are looking to make money online, then Invideo can be the super tool that will help you achieve your financial goal.

With Invideo, you can create social media videos for platforms such as;

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat, etc

According to Ubersuggest, about 110,000 searches are made on Google every month about Video editing.

Also on H-supertools, more than 600,000 people search for the keyword Video editing the world over.

This presents you with a great opportunity to offer video creation and editing services as a Freelancer.

Ideas for making money with Invideo

Many brands, influencers, and marketers are looking for Freelancers to help them create custom videos for their social media accounts. This remains a huge market for you to offer video creation and editing services.

Youtube Intro, Outtro, and complete Youtube video

You can make a complete Youtube video without appearing on camera using Invideo.

As a freelancer, you can also approach Youtubers to help them create Intro and Outtro videos for their channel. 

You can easily make $1000 every month or even more using Invideo to create these videos and sell your services.

Particularly interesting are social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube which are designed to be visually appealing for video consumers.

Instagram reels, and post service

Instagram video is as precious as gold in 2022. There are many Instagram influencers and new, upcoming channels that desperately need videos. 

Approach these influencers with your offer and they will gladly patronize your service.

TikTok video creation service

TikTok is currently the fastest-growing social media platform that is fully designed for videos.

Marketers on TikTok will embrace you if you show them how you can supply them with videos for their channels for a fee.

Video Ads

It is no secret that videos work much better than text ads. This is another opportunity to offer your service as a video ad creator. 

In Invideo, there are several hundreds of video templates in all niches that you can use to serve this market and create video ads for customers online.

Promote your Freelance service

Once you have identified the services you want to render with Invideo, you can’t just sit down and expect money to keep rolling into your pocket. You need to promote and talk about your services.

Some ways to promote your freelancing service include

  • Signing up with Invideo(you can begin with a free account and upgrade as you get more clients)
  • create sample videos and start promoting these videos on your social media channels and talk about it
  • you can promote with cold emails
  • Post your services on your website and blog
  • create an account with freelancing sites and promote your gigs. etc.

If you get serious with your promotion, you can begin to enjoy patronage even from the first day of your promotion. So get up and begin immediately.

Conclusion: Best Video Editing Free Online Tool

I have used a couple of good video editing free online tools in the past but if I’m to pick my best, it will be INVIDEO.

Video content is getting so much attention these days, but creating appealing videos to post every day on your social media handles can be a really challenging task, and this is just a good reason why you should sign up with INVIDEO.

It is a simple platform that gives non-pro video creators access to create beautiful videos that do so well out there.

What if you want to offer video creation and editing as a Freelance service, but lack the skills or money to invest? Then INVIDEO is the tool to try out.

With INVIDEO, there is no more excuse to get amazing custom videos for any kind of use as I explicitly explain in this article.

Give INVIDEO a try and share your experience with us in the comment box below.

We love to hear from you.