Best Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

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best virtual dollar card in nigeria

Which is the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria?

If you have been following the trend around Fin-Techs in Nigeria lately, you will notice that most virtual dollar card in Nigeria are currently not working.

This has made life quite unbearable for Nigerians who have to make transactions online.

Honestly right now, the word best virtual dollar card in Nigeria does not really exist. This is because most of the virtual dollar card in Nigeria that were operating before now are no longer working.

So, technically, the only few ones that are still working are what we will call the best virtual dollar card.

If you belong to the category of Nigerians that do international transactions online, it is either you have to stop doing international business, or can’t shop on international online stores. Except for the few big boys who can afford the black market exchange rate!

Is there a dollar virtual card presently working in Nigeria?

As a stakeholder in the industry, and due to several of my online followers asking me to search if there is a way out, I came across this Cash app.

It is the only app whose dollar virtual card is working(at least after my few weeks of checks).

It is legit, free to create and it even operates outside the shores of Nigeria.

Also, if you live in the UK, or the US, this virtual dollar card work in these locations. You can easily use it to send money to Nigeria without any issues.

The only issue with this virtual dollar app is that the exchange rate is a bit higher than usual, for obvious reason. Most of their competitors are currently off the radar. 

But the exchange rate is still better than what obtains in the black market.

So I can say that this virtual card is the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria. At least unlike others that are currently not working, this card is working, so we should give it a thumb up for that.

I will now show you how to create your virtual dollar card.

So, feel free to create and use it for all your online transactions. It is legit and I believe this card is here to stay.

If this information will be of interest to you then join me as I show you how to create years in just a few simple clicks.

Steps to open a dollar virtual card in Nigeria

Click the free Chipper cash free account here

This link will take you to this interface.

Click open a free account and enter your mobile number. Make sure you choose the right country

You should receive an instant code on this number. If you didn’t receive any code on your phone, then I advise you to use the “tap to verify using USSD” option, it is easier and faster.

 Click dial, then just dial

 Now your phone is verified

 Next, choose your country

‘Why do you need this card”? Choose your best option. Mine is to buy or sell goods and services.

Enter your legit names and click next

Enter your birthday and click next

Choose a unique username and click Next 

If peradventure, your username has been used by another person, then choose a different name.

Enter your address. 

I notice this app selects addresses. So, either any of the displayed addresses or use the phone location option below and fill in the address. 

Click next

Pick your country, city of birth, and sex

Create your unique four-digit pin

These are the other countries where this card operates in

 Yeah, we are almost there!

 Click verify and click “let’s do it”

 You will need to take a selfie now. So, adjust your face toward the center of focus and snap. Once it accepts your face, click continue

Fill in your BVN and then click Next, and click ok

Reenter your four-digit code

Welcome to your Chipper cash account.

But as you can see, your verification status is still pending. Mine took about 20 minutes to become verified. So, just cool off and check again to see if your account is now verified

Login again with your four-digit code and as you can see, my account has been verified

Now, to create your dollar virtual card, come down here and click card

Click claim your card

Click identification document

Choose any of your preferred means of identification

 I will go with NIN. That is the national ID for this setup. It’s one means of identification that I suppose everybody can easily get.

But go ahead and choose your preferred means of identification

Now as required, snap your NIN sleep (not the ID card but the slip).

I tried snapping the ID card but it was not accepted. You can try it though if you don’t have the slip available.

Afterward, type in your NIN number and click complete.

As you can see, there is a pending review notification status. Again you will be required to wait a few moments to get verified. 

Mine took about 5 minutes, so cool off again and come back to check if it has been approved

Log back into your account

Click the card below

Now my ID document has been approved so click next


Claim the Nigerian card afterward we will claim the dollar virtual card


So let’s go ahead and claim our dollar virtual card

Go to the top right corner of this page and tap the USD card

Congrats your dollar card is now active

So go ahead and load your dollar card by first funding your Chipper account

To do this come here and tap for your valid account number to be generated for you.

Once again, you will have to wait for it to be sent to you

Mine also took a few minutes.

so now that my account number has been created and generated, I can go ahead and transfer money to it. so I can fund my dollar card. It’s that easy!

Note that while sending money to your chipper cash account, it will appear at 9 payment service bank. This is it on my GT account

So go ahead and enjoy your dollar card 


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