4 Best Web Hosting In Nigeria With Affordable Pricing

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cheap web hosting in nigeria


Let me show you the best web hosting in Nigeria.

Also, if you are looking for the cheapest web hosting in Nigeria that boasts quality service, then this guide will interest you.

Every serious business in the 21st century must have a website presence. Also, having a website or blog is becoming a core need if you want to make money online.

If you live in Nigeria or even anywhere around Africa, you want to patronize the best web hosting company in Nigeria that is cheap. Also, guarantee a top-notch web hosting service.

So, if you are looking for the best web hosting in Nigeria, let me quickly show you the best web hosting companies in Nigeria that are cheap, affordable, and offer top-notch hosting services.

You should also note that I did my thorough research, both from my personal testing, my web hosting experience, and also from the opinion of several experienced web designers before publishing this piece. 

So you are sure that only some of the topmost best web hosting in Nigeria made it through this list.

You can also watch this report in video format below;




My Top 3 Best Web hosting In Nigeria


#1 Qserver

I hosted my first website with Qserver in 2019.

I still have a number of websites hosted on this web host presently.

Anytime I recommend an online service, I try to check how long they’ve been in business because there is a huge risk of patronizing a relatively new business, especially if it’s digital.

Anyways, though I could not ascertain how long Qservers have been in business, but I have used their service for over 3 years already. So you can at least bank on that.

Also, they have a physical office address in Lagos Nigeria, so, you are sure you are relating with real humans.


If you want to try out QServers web hosting plan, click HERE


cheapest web hosting in nigeria


How quality is Qservers web hosting service?

I have rich hand on experience with Qservers. I can say that they have quite a great web hosting service.

Qservers’ uptime has been relatively impressive and stable over the years. 

Also, as a local web hosting company, they have quite a satisfactory load speed.

The only issue I have with Qservers is that their Customer support chat response can be very slow, especially if you need a quick response to issues. 

You might have to wait for a while before they answer your chat online.

But one way they have balanced this is that they have a provision for live phone calls. Their mobile numbers are displayed on their website.

If you want an emergency response, you might want to consider giving them a call rather than wait for an online chat. 

Another option you can use is their email which they also respond to.


Qservers pricing

When it comes to pricing, you always want to be careful before patronizing cheap web hosting companies without a strong recommendation.

QServers is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria with a very cheap hosting plan.

If you are looking for cheap web hosting in Nigeria that will guarantee a great web hosting service, then you can go with Qservers.

Qservers’ cheapest web hosting plan goes for N9,000 per year.

One interesting feature about their pricing is that they give you the option to pay on a monthly basis. 

This will help if you don’t have a big budget or you want to test the quality of their service before committing to a longer hosting package.

They also offer a wide range of web hosting packages for bigger users. 

Also, Qservers sell cheap domain names and their domain name prices depend on your preferred choice of domain extension.

You can get see details of their web hosting and domain name plans by clicking HERE


best web hosting in nigeria


So, if you want to go with one of the best web hosting in Nigeria that combines cheap web hosting in Nigeria plans, then you can try out QServers.

Do you want to sign up with QServers web hosting service? then click HERE


#2 Harmonweb

Harmonweb is another Nigerian web hosting company that I have used for over 1 year.

Harmonweb was launched in May 2020. 

Though a relatively new web hosting company, it is an authentically registered company in Nigeria so, you can be sure that they are legit.


cheapest web hosting in nigeria


Harmonweb partners with top data centers in Canada, Germany, and the United States. 

I have a personal experience with their service and for all the while I have hosted my client’s website on Harmonweb, they have done quite well.

Check up on Harmonweb hosting service HERE


How quality is Harmonweb hosting service?

Once again, this is also one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria that I have personally used.

Some reviews claim that Harmonweb is the cheapest web hosting in Nigeria. I can’t guarantee that claim.

As a matter of fact, there are several ridiculously cheap web hosting services that I know exist in Nigeria, and many of them come with terrible services. You might regret ever using them!

Harmonweb is definitely one of the cheapest web hosts in Nigeria. I can guarantee that they are trustworthy and have quality service.

They have responsive customer support and are active on WhatsApp. 

They also offer web chat, email, and live calls, depending on your preferred option.


Harmonweb pricing

The shared starter plan of harmonweb, which is their smallest web hosting plan goes for N550 per month. 

With this price, there’s no excuse for you not to get your website hosted immediately.

Just like most other web hosting companies, Harmonweb also offers domain names for various prices. Harmonweb domain name is also one of the cheapest in Nigeria.


best web hosting in nigeria

For their cheapest web hosting plan, Harmonweb offers you 50 free custom domains, this is really a good one.

Several expensive web hosting services won’t even give you one custom email for free.

Also, as long as you are not hosting a very heavy website, Harmonweb has a great load speed and impressive uptime.

If you want to signup with Harmonweb, then click HERE


#3 Syskay

Syskay is one of the oldest web hosting services in Nigeria. They began operations in Nigeria in 2006. That is impressive for a Nigerian-based web-hosting company.

Syskay isn’t just a household name in the local web hosting space but one of the best web hosting services out there.

Syskay might not be among the cheapest web hosting companies in Nigeria when compared to other local web hosting services, though it’s still very affordable.


best web hosting in nigeria

This company also doesn’t have a monthly subscription option. So if you want to subscribe to any of their hosting plans, you must be ready to pay for the yearly plan.

Check out the Syskay hosting option HERE


How quality is Syskay web hosting service?

Syskay offers one of the best web hosting in Nigeria. 

I currently don’t host any website with them but my first business website was hosted on Syskay before I decided to use a foreign web hosting service subsequently.

But for a local hosting service, Syskay offers a top-notch web hosting service.

 They are one of the best web hosting in Nigeria that has passed the test of time.


Syskay also offers 50 free custom emails for their cheapest hosting plan. 

They have good load speed and admirable uptime.

If you have any technical itch, the best way to reach out to them is either to submit a ticket on their website or place a live call to them. Syskay doesn’t seem to have a live chat or email option on their website.


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A Great Alternative Local Web hosting

Let’s face the fact, despite how good the best web hosting companies in Nigeria are, some still prefer to use foreign web hosting services.

The reason is simple, all the Nigeria web hosting services are using the Reseller option offered by the foreign hosting companies. 

So, many Nigerians prefer to directly host their websites with foreign hosting companies.

Also, people believe that foreign web hosting companies offer more quality services and are much more stable than Nigerian web hosting companies.

All of these are true but do know that there are web hosting companies in Nigeria that offer quality web hosting services just as I have shown already.

The only challenge with hosting your website with foreign web hosting companies is the pricing. 

As expected, the best foreign hosting companies are usually more expensive than Nigerian web hosting companies.


Looking for a cheap but quality foreign hosting company?

If you want to host your website with a top foreign web hosting company that offers very cheap domain names and hosting plans, then go with Namecheap.


Currently, I have 4 websites hosted on Namecheap. I can affirm that Namecheap is the best foreign web hosting company offering the cheapest web hosting plans.


Check out Namecheap web hosting plans HERE


I made a more in-depth review of Namecheap in the video below, feel free to check it up.



If you are not comfortable with international transactions, then, choose any of the Nigerian web hosting companies I recommended above, and be sure that you will get good value for your money.



From my 6 years of web design experience, I have selected 3 of the best web hosting in Nigeria that combines quality web hosting services. They also make the list of the cheapest web hosting in Nigeria.

I didn’t stop there, I also offer my opinion on the best foreign web hosting alternative that combines quality with affordability. 

This is just in case you want to upgrade from using the web hosting companies in Nigeria or you prefer to patronize a foreign web hosting service.

So, if you want to host your website today and affordability and quality of service are top on your list, you don’t have to keep spending your time and data researching which is the cheapest web hosting in Nigeria to go for.

These four names on the list;

Qservers, Harmonweb, Syskay, and Namecheap guarantee that you will get a great web hosting service for the price of peanut.

Sign up with any of these web hosting services and let me know your experience with them in the comment section.

I’m curious, do you have any experience with local web hosting services in Nigeria?

Drop your comment in the comment section below, love to hear from you.

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