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blogging about travel

Blogging about travel is an interesting Blogging niche.

Travels is a fascinating subject people love to read and research. It’s such a blossoming niche for anyone who wants to start blogging to consider.

If you want to become a travel blogger and start blogging about travel, you’ll need to take the right steps to succeed. 

Blogging about travel is not difficult, but you must start right. There is no automatic success in any blogging niche, and travel blogging is not an exception.

This article will assist you in knowing all you need to start blogging about travel the right way and put in the necessary effort. 

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Why travel is a great niche to blog

A quick search on Google will give you an idea of how much interest people show in traveling. 

One thing travelers do a lot is a longing to have a vicarious taste of their intended destinations. Travelers also search online for their preferred location among choices. These and several others are different ways your traveling blog can serve this active audience.

People travel for various reasons, from business, vacations, events, excursions, etc.

If you are a traveler yourself, it’s an opportunity to share your love, interest, and experience with people. 

Also, you don’t have to be a traveler to succeed in the travel blogging niche, but you need to be interested in the topic. Without interest, you will burn out very quickly.

As a travel blogger, you can tell the world about your experiences. You’ll have the benefit of sharing your adventures with the world, whether you write a personal travel journal, updating your experiences while on the road, or a more practical, instructive, and useful travel blog.

Traveling topics available to blog about

There are interesting topics available to blog about in the travel niche. Some travel niche ideas you can blog about include some of the following:

blogging about travel

All of these travel blogging categories are distinct. Choose a topic about which you are passionate and where there is an obvious need for more content.

Don’t be concerned that limiting yourself to one specialty will make it difficult to keep things exciting, if you are passionate about what you are writing about and work hard, you will be able to do so.

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Blogging platforms to start travel blogging

Free blogging platforms

When it comes to choosing a blog hosting to start your traveling blog, there are two available options; the free blogging platforms and the self-hosted platforms.

If you want to start your traveling blog and don’t want to pay for hosting, choose your preferred free blogging sites to begin. You can use any of, Medium, Tumblr Blogger. etc. 

Choose your free blogging site here and start now.

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Self-hosted blogging platform

This is the most preferred option to host your blog. It offers full customization and unlimited possibilities. 

All you need is just a fee to host your blog, unlike the free blogging platforms where your blog is hosted for free.

WordPress is the best self-hosted platform for bloggers. 

Check here for details on how to host your blog on self-hosted WordPress


Traveling is a unique niche that offers different ways to make money from. Below are some of the several ways travel bloggers make money from their blogs.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense offers every blogger an opportunity to earn with Google ads. One great fact about Google Adsense is that your blog does not have to have lots of traffic before you can be approved to display Google ad banners. It is one of the easiest ways to begin earning from your travel blog.

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing offers travel bloggers to earn commission from referrals. It typically involves promoting travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, travel websites, etc. The opportunity is vast.

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Creating sponsored content

As your blog becomes more established, agencies and business owners will contact you to help them create content to promote their products and services for a fee.

The majority of these entries include a link to the client’s website. Nonetheless, it is critical to publish useful pieces to your audience to avoid destroying your site simply because someone is paying you.

Sponsored press trips

As a travel blogger, you can be contacted by firms to visit specific locations to publish reviews and discuss the sights and impressions in exchange for a fee and your travel expenses covered.

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Top travel blogs to mimick

 Here are the top travel blogs that you can model as you begin your career in travel blogging. While you will see a lot to learn from these blogs, you should always bring in your creativity and be a unique voice in the travel blog niche.

1. Wandering Earl

2. Jones Around the World

3. Expert Vagabond

4. Travel Freak

5. Flying the Nest 

6. Passport to Eden

7. Goats on the Road

Conclusion: Blogging About Travel

Blogging about traveling is one of the most exciting topics to blog about in 2022.

There are over 50 sub niches opportunities to blog about in traveling blogs to make money and achieve your blogging dreams. It is a perfect niche for you if you have experience in traveling.

Even if you don’t travel, you can still build an established blog in traveling niche but you must be interested in the topic.

Ways travel bloggers make money include Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored posts,s and Sponsored trip reviews among others.

As revealed in this article, if you take the right step, your blog can be the next celebrity travel blog a couple of months from now.