Easy WhatsApp Status Marketing Strategy Guide That Boost Your Business

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This is the complete step-by-step WhatsApp status marketing strategy guide that allows you to leverage the WhatsApp marketing tool to create a lead generation campaign for your business.

In this free guide, I will show you the entire process of creating a WhatsApp lead generation campaign to build a list of paying customers for your business.

Every tool we will be using in this step-by-step guide is free and easy to use, even if you currently know nothing about WhatsApp status marketing strategy or lead generation.

This is the only WhatsApp marketing tool guide that you will need to take your business to the next level, and it’s free!

Watch the video version of this guide in the video below

What You Will Learn In This WhatsApp Status Marketing Strategy Guide

To get our WhatsApp marketing tool set up, I will be showing you how to do the following;

1. How to create an attractive free offer to attract the best prospects for your business

2. How to build a simple, beautiful, and sleek landing page to collect the information of your prospective customers

3. How to set up a WhatsApp redirect that directs new leads to your WhatsApp contact (WhatsApp marketing tool)

4. This one is extremely important, how to set up WhatsApp automation so that you don’t have to do anything.

After this setup, your automation will send messages, answer messages, and redirect your new lead to receive any offer you want to give them, even if you are sleeping.

5. How to create an automatic download link for your new customers, even if you are sleeping, you will not have to be answering each person, this setup does the whole job for you 24/7. This is the only way to enjoy WhatsApp status marketing strategy without stressing yourself out.

I will also share a secret audience-targeting tip that is guaranteed to bring you massive Facebook ad results. Nobody else will show you this.

All of these are what I will show you. One unique thing about this tutorial is that I will be available online to answer your questions. Just if you have any questions for me. Though this video is so straightforward.

Let’s get started!

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How To Create A Whatsapp Status Marketing strategy

whatsapp status marketing strategy

Now, the most effective way to get contacts of people who will be interested in your business is to offer a free gift. 

Statistics as shown that most people online love free gifts but almost everyone who collects your free gift may not even open it. 

Though that does not mean that we will create a bullshit gift, at the same time, you don’t have to waste too much time trying to build them a Ferrari.

You get my point. 

What is most important to us is that we only need the contact of people who need our services so that we can pitch them later and then get them to buy from us. And we want to use WhatsApp status marketing strategy to achieve our purpose.

Using A Baker As An Example

I will be using a Baking business for demonstration in this tutorial. I will quickly create a Gift offer in the form of an e-book.

Creating A Free Gift 

whatsapp status marketing strategy

Now, depending on your kind of business, just think of something that you feel that people who need your service or product will like and that you can easily create and give for free. 

Every business has several things to use, and if you can, you even do a Giveaway. 

So, if I am a Baker who bakes a cake, I believe that it will be easy for me to get new customers who are preparing for their next birthday. They will need cakes of course.

So, my aim here will be to target birthday celebrants of the next month, the next 2 months, and the next 3 months.

So, I will create a free ebook that looks like this; 

7 Fun things you can do on your next birthday

Of course, if you have a better idea, then go ahead and use it too.

How do I create such a free e-book?

It’s simple and you will be surprised how effective it works!

I will go to Google and search for something like;

Fun things to do on my next birthday

whatsapp status marketing strategy

As you can see, several results as popped up. 

I will just go over them and pick anyone I like. 

Let me go for this one that says 60 things to do on your birthday

At least among 60, I should be able to get between 7 and 10 good points to use for my WhatsApp marketing tool. 

I will open this article and go through these 60 activities.

So I will just copy the ones that I feel are more striking and doable.

I will open my Google docs.

I will copy the relevant information on Google Docs, and edit them.

Make sure your pdf is as short as possible because nobody like to read what is too long.

Once I’m through with my e-book, well edited and cleaned up, I will download this doc as a PDF file.

My PDF free ebook is ready to be used for my WhatsApp status marketing strategy.

So now that we have our free gift ready to collect contact, let’s go over to the next step which is to build a landing page for our WhatsApp campaign.

How to build a landing page

You will need a landing page for your WhatsApp instant marketing lead generation. 

We will now build a landing page for our WhatsApp instant marketing and we will be using a completely free tool to do so. This tool is called Systeme.io. 

whatsapp status marketing strategy

If you are comfortable with using other landing page builders or WordPress, then go ahead and use it.

Systeme is a tool that allows you to create all the important functions that a normal website will create. You will be able to do so for free.

How To Open Systeme Account

If you already have a Systeme account, then sign in, and if you don’t have one yet, Click Here to sign up with Systeme for free

What we want to do here is to open a new account.

whatsapp status marketing strategy

So enter your email address. Make sure it’s an active email and then click Get my free account. 

Systeme will ask you to go verify the account. 

So, go to your email inbox and click the confirmation link, and then you can access your fully functional systeme account. 

Here, type in a strong password, and then repeat the same password. “Check the I am not a robot box” and then click Save.

How To Create A Landing Page In Systeme

So now that we have our Systeme account ready, let’s go ahead and create our landing page or what we could also call a funnel. This is where we will be collecting the contact information of our new customers.

So to build our landing page in systeme, come to the menu bar and click the funnels tab.

Click create. 

Type in the name of your new funnel, you can call it anything you like, I will leave mine as it is.

Here, choose your funnel goal from either;

Build an audience, directly sell eCommerce, custom, or run a webinar.

Of course, what we want to do here is to build an audience.

I will come here and choose my currency and then save.

This is my landing page so I will click it.

Systeme.io has provided several premade templates from which I can choose. 

I will look for a simple minimalist template. So let me scroll down. 

Once you find one, you can preview it to see what it looks like before selecting it; this looks ok to me, so I will go with this.


Click the Select option or preview if you want to see how this page looks before using it.

Again I will give it a name. I will leave the URL as it is.

So, the next thing to do here is to edit this landing page to suit our purpose, so I will click on this edit page icon here

 WhatsApp marketing tool

The first thing to do here is to edit the main topic, but before then, I will delete the entire menu. So I will place my mouse on any section I want to delete and click the delete bin icon, and click the pop-up ok.

WhatsApp marketing tool

Next is to edit the title, I will click inside this box and then change this text to the title of my free e-book:

7 fun ideas to light up your next birthday

WhatsApp marketing tool

I will come to the font size here and reduce it, say 51. 

Change the subhead text to something that shed more light on the main title.

Also, click on it so that I can make similar adjustments to the subtitle texts.

Once I’m ok with that, I will also come here to the opt-in section where my leads will input their details. 

This box consists of the name field, the email field, and the opt-in button.

I think I’m ok with the appearance.

I will scroll down and once again delete every other thing that came with this landing page that I don’t need.

So I will delete every other information below. 

whatsapp marketing tool

Good, so now I’m left with my basic lead collection form. 

Here, I will also delete this image and either leave the space empty or replace it with mine.

It is always better if you design a cover just to reflect the kind of free gift you want to give.

How To Create A WhatsApp Redirect For Our WhatsApp Marketing Tool 

So we move to the next step of our WhatsApp status marketing strategy which is to redirect the new leads that submit their email and WhatsApp contact to us.

With this strategy, we can have access to both their WhatsApp contact in addition to their email address. More like using 2 stones to kill one bird!

So, to do that, we will create a WhatsApp redirect link using another free tool called Postcron.

WhatsApp marketing tool

On Postcron, we will generate a link that will take these people to our WhatsApp contact once they submit their email to us. 

Click this Postcron WhatsApp link generator link.

Click the create link now button.

Type in your Whatsapp number, you should add your country code without the plus sign. 

Then add a message that you want your new leads to see once they get to your WhatsApp. 

Let me add something like this;

hey, you indicated your desire to get my free ebook, send me this chat and I will send your ebook right now

Something like that 

Once I have my message, I will click the generate link button, and my WhatsApp link redirect will be generated and ready for use for my WhatsApp instant marketing.

It is usually a long link, so, you can shorten it using a link shortener if you so wish

I will go ahead and add this WhatsApp link to my landing page opt-in button in Systeme.

To do so, Click the button, come here and click the drop-down arrow, and select the ‘’To A CUSTOM URL’’ option. 

Come here and paste the WhatsApp link. 

Once done, Save our setup. Always remember to save your designs.

I will come to this mobile icon and preview it so I can see what this page will look like on mobile devices to be sure that the landing page is mobile responsive.

I will return to the desktop view. 

So now we have completed the landing page and our WhatsApp redirect. 

But what I will do now is delete this thank you page that came with the premade template in Systeme, we don’t need it for our WhatsApp instant marketing campaign. 

So I will exit the landing page(see the top right corner exit icon beside the Save changes button)

I will delete the Thank You page. Click the delete Icon, confirm and then delete this page.

How To Create Whatsapp Automation

Now, one of the biggest stress of WhatsApp status marketing strategy is that it can be very stressful if done manually.

You can easily burn out if you have to be answering messages or responding manually to everyone that checks out on you. 

This can be a nightmare especially if you are running an ad campaign that brings in a lot of Leads.

Just imagine that you got 5 thousand leads, you don’t want to start answering all these 5 thousand people manually. 

So, we have come to a very important section of this tutorial where we will set up our WhatsApp marketing to operate automatically whether we are sleeping or awake. 

Whatsapp automation will respond to your visitors and give them their gifts automatically.

So, for us to set up automation for this WhatsApp instant marketing campaign, we will set up the following;

Create an automatic download link

I will create a download link where my WhatsApp visitors can automatically download their free e-book without me having to send it to them manually.

 So to do that, let’s return to systeme.io and create another page, this time around, it will be very fast and easy.

All you have to do here is to follow almost the same steps we did while creating our Optin form. The only difference here is that, instead of adding an option form to collect emails, we will rather be creating a page for them to download their free gift.

So, in my Systeme dashboard, I will come back to funnel

Click Create 

Fill this form just like I did for the first one

Choose ”Build an audience” and save. 

I will also delete the Thank You page here.

I will use the same template I used for the first funnel because I’m already used to that template.

Of course, you can choose anyone of your choice.

I will scroll down again and select the template I used previously

Click the Select option on the page

Click the Edit page option.


Again, I will delete every other aspect of this page and stay with just what I need. 

So now that what I have left are the title placeholder and a button, I will edit the title text to

Click the green button below to download your free e-book. 

I will come to the font size and reduce it

Also, reduce the line height. 

Click the button  

Come to the side option bar and drop down the button, now in this particular funnel, I will select download file. 

Click this upload icon

Select file

Go look for where my PDF material is

I will select it and Insert

Save changes as usual. 

So we are almost done. 

Now, remember that you don’t have to do all this Whatsapp instant marketing automation.

 If you are ok with responding to your prospects manually, but if you want ease and a business that can run itself without your presence, then let’s finish up our automation process. 

Now, we will need a final tool to complete this process.

Go to your phone and on Playstore or AppStore, search for an app called Autoresponder and auto-reply for all social media

Go ahead and complete the Installing process

After installing, open this app and agree to their terms

Turn on the allow access toggle

Here turn on the apps that you want this tool to work with

In this case, you should select either your WhatsApp or WhatsApp business whichever one you are using for your business. 

Allow notification access. 

Go back to the app’s home page

Ok, this app usually will come with preset autoresponders, so I will delete them so I can set up my own.

I will cancel all the preset autoresponders.

So now, to set an auto-response for your messages, tap the + icon

Make sure that this Active box is ticked.

Then come to the Select app and be sure that your WhatsApp is toggled active.

In the Received message pattern box, make sure that you type in exactly the same message that you typed in your welcome message when you were creating your Postcron redirect. 

This is because this will be the message that you will receive when your leads are redirected to your WhatsApp contact.

After typing, here, I will select Exact match.

Scroll down to the reply message box and I will type this in, but what is most important here is that you want to add the link to the pdf download here. 

The idea is that once they come into your WhatsApp, and send the message chat, this reply message will be sent automatically with the link and once they click on the link, they get their ebook. 

So I will come back to systeme.io and paste the link to the download page I just created into my WhatsApp response message

To do so,

Come to funnel in Systeme dashboard

I identify the particular funnel that you want to use. Here it will be the funnel that leads to the gift download

Click on it

Click this hyperlink icon and the link to the gift download will be automatically copied. 

whatsapp status marketing strategy

Now you have to copy this link exactly and paste it here in the Whatsapp reply message. 

whatsapp status marketing strategy

I will copy it and paste it directly.

Once they click the link, then they can download the e-book directly.

I will leave every other setting here as they are and tap the save icon.

Click ok and our auto-response is set.

So now, we have used this lead magnet link for our WhatsApp auto-response.

So now, we have our two funnels active, this is the main landing page that we will be promoting so that our prospects can enter their personal details and the second funnel is where they get to download their free ebook.

whatsapp status marketing strategy

You can promote this funnel anyhow you like but one of the best ways to quickly get leads is to promote this funnel using a Facebook ad or any other digital ad that you are most comfortable with.

You can also use other methods both free and organic or other sponsored means to promote this WhatsApp marketing automation to start collecting your Leads.

Conclusion: Easy WhatsApp Status Marketing Strategy Guide That Boost Your Business

This WhatsApp status marketing strategy guide is the easiest way to set up your WhatsApp marketing for your business.

This WhatsApp marketing tool involves;

  1. Creating a free gift (also called a Lead magnet) to give to your prospective customers in exchange for their contact information. In marketing, this is called an “ethical bribe”
  2. Creating a landing page to collect the email addresses of our new Leads
  3. Redirecting our new leads to WhatsApp so that we can get their WhatsApp contact and build our WhatsApp leads simultaneously
  4. Creating an automatic download link for new leads to get their free gift
  5. Setting up a WhatsApp autoresponder so that we don’t have to manually respond to our new leads
  6. Tying up the whole process so that all of these steps can work on their own automatically whether we are sleeping or awake!

These are what I have shown you in this free WhatsApp status marketing strategy guide. Go ahead and implement this effective WhatsApp marketing tool strategy to build your business. Every tool we have used in this guide is free!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.


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