Facebook Ad Spy Tool: How Lazy Advertisers Can Make Millions From Facebook Ad

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Facebook ad spy tool

This Facebook Ad spy tool strategy is the easiest and best way to get the most out of your Facebook ads, even if you are an amateur advertiser!

If what I’m about to show you in this video is not the most straightforward Facebook ads strategy on earth that convert like crazy, then you will have to tell me what else can be easier than this!!!

Artificial Intelligence is the big thing now and the smartest thing you can ever do as a business owner in 2022 and 2023 going forward is to use Machine intelligence to help your business and bring in massive facebook results while you are practically sleeping, or at least focusing on making your product or service better.

If you want to sell like crazy by using Artificial Intelligence to help you with your Facebook ads strategy, then let me show you this Facebook ad spy tool!

Now, most Facebook ad failures or social media ads failure, in general, come from advertisers launching ads by using very poor ad creative.

It could be your ad image, your video, or even the ad text.

The truth is that most of your competitors who are making all the money from the Facebook ad at your expense didn’t just think or guess their way out of the blues while crafting their ad creative.

They didn’t use what they just feel will work.
Rather, they took time to research, spend a lot of money, and even wasted money on ad testing before they came up with a great ad text, image, or video that’s making them the biggest profit.

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The biggest problem of small-scale business owners

The problem is that you might not have the kind of resources that your competitors have to spend or invest before coming up with a great ad that is guaranteed to work and convert into sales!

Come to think of it, some of these competitors hired the best Ad agencies in the world to help them develop an ad setup that works!

If you don’t do something about your ad, these big competitors will strangle your Social media ad to death.
That is exactly the reason why you need to use this Facebook ad spy tool called BIGSPY.

Signup for a free Bigspy account HERE

What will Bigspy do for you?

BIGSPY intelligence helps you by revealing key information about all the best Facebook ads that you want to see(other social media ads too).

Facebook ad spy tool

Bigspy allows your competitors to do all the hard work to create the best ads, and write the best ad text, image, or video, and then this Facebook ad spy tool will show you the best of the best ads in your market, industry or niche that are running on Facebook and other social media channels.

How Ad spy tool information will help your business

All you have to do is just to look at the best-performing ad in your industry, market, or your competitor’s ads.
Bigspy will show you how these advertisers crafted their ad texts, see what their best-performing videos look like, and how long or short these videos are.

If they are using images, you will be able to check up on their ad images, and simply copy the ‘very’ best ads as a model to launch your ads, all the work done for you.
With this precious information on your hands, you will not have to ever worry about running A/B ad testing again.
You won’t waste money running ads that are not performing, and you will not have to spend money experimenting with your ads.


Because displayed before you are the best ads in your market that are running and performing well, the job is done for you!
Then select these top ads, and copy their best-performing strategies. If need be, you can improve on them for your ad and watch your ad perform and bring in the result.

This is even more fantastic if you are an ad agency. No more work to do!

Your competitors are doing the work, spending the money, doing the research, and hiring the best ad agencies and here you are, just copying and using their best ad results.

Signup for a free Bigspy account HERE

Use Competitors’ ad engagements to your advantage

Another massive thing you can do with The Bigspy Facebook ad spy tool is to check up on the comments made by people on your competitors’ products and services:
Anything these people are happy about your competitors’ product or service, you can quickly check if your product has those same features and then even more importantly, those things people are complaining about your competitor’s product or service.

You can easily work on those weaknesses and use the advantage to crush your competitor’s product and win the marketing and sales game.

So, even if you are a small brand, this tool has allowed you to look eyeball-to-eyeball at the big guys in your niche. Fantastic if you ask me!

Bigspy works on other Social ad platforms too

There are a few other Facebook ad spy tools, but I think Bigspy is my idea of the best Facebook ad spy tool.

Apart from Facebook, Bigspy Facebook ad spy tool also work for other social media platforms including Instagram ad, Google Ad, YouTube Ad, TikTok Ad, Twitter ad, Pinterest Ad, Yahoo Ad and Unity Ad.

best ad spy tool

I have been using Bigspy for about a year now and I think it’s a fantastic tool that every business owner and advertiser should try out! It fits my idea of what the best ad spy tool should be like.

I think you will love this tool if you run social media ads.

Signup for a free Bigspy account HERE

You try it, I think it will work for you, guaranteed!

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