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Google my business manager

If you are interested in boosting the number of customers visiting your business, then your business needs to be on Google map

Without charging you a dime, I will be your Google Business Profile Manager. I won’t charge you any fee for 1 WHOLE MONTH!

After 1 month of being your Google Business profile Manager and seeing results, then you can decide to keep me on. You also can fire me without paying any damage.

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How Does My Free Offer Work?

As Your Google My Business Profile Manager, I will take care of all your local SEO optimization for 1 full month

If you are satisfied with my one-month Google Business Profile Manager result, you can extend the contract or terminate it(but you will leave me a testimonial)

If you want me to continue to be your Google My Business Profile Manager afterward, then we can agree on a contract. All risk on me!

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Hello Business Owner!

Do you know that customers search for physical businesses on Google more than anywhere else?
Whatever it is that you are selling!

Statistics have shown it!

For many people, once they need a product, a service, or to try a new business, the first place they want to check is Google.

(Just use yourself as an example too. Consider how many things you search for on Google regularly).

In 2023, If your business is not on Google, then it’s almost not existing.

Just imagine this:

Anytime somebody in your city or neighborhood is searching online on Google for the goods or services that you are selling, your business profile is the first to pop up on search results!

It will not matter if you are a very small business; a caterer, or a fashion designer.

Or a medium-scale business like a guest house, or a restaurant.

Or a big business like a school or hotel, it all cuts across!

How will you feel just sitting down in your office, shop, or your house and prospective customers are calling. Yes, from everywhere. They want to come to you to buy from you without you begging, or doing anything?

Listen, you are doing your business a big evil if your business is not appearing online.

I don’t even mean a website necessarily. I mean the free Google search results where people search, see your business profile, and either call you or use Google Maps to trace your shop, office, or home to buy whatever it is that you are selling!

This is the amazing power of how Google My Business can boost your business.

Get your business listed now and if you want me to be your Google My Business Manager, I will be willing to assist you.