How To Install WordPress In Cpanel in Easy Steps

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how to install wordpress in cpanel

In this tutorial, I will show you step-by-step how to Install WordPress in Cpanel.

WordPress is the best hosting platform for bloggers, and it’s free to use.

But before you can use a self-hosted WordPress to build your blog, how need to pay a cheap hosting fee with your preferred web hosting service.

I strongly recommend either Bluehost hosting or Hostgator hosting if you are just starting out. 

These hosting services also come with features that will give you a great experience and ease, even if you are inexperienced.

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How To Install WordPress from Cpanel

To install WordPress from Cpanel together, we will go through 3 simple steps;

1. 1 Buy your Domain name and host it

If you have done this already, let’s head over to the next step. But if you are yet to host your domain name, then head over to Bluehost, or Hostgator and do so immediately.

You can also check out how to carry out this process using the best way here.  

2. log in to your Cpanel dashboard

Once you have hosted your domain name, log in to your Cpanel from any of these processes;

A. Cpanel link

B. Access Cpanel from your hosting service account dashboard.

Cpanel link 

Login to Cpanel from this link; www.your-domainname.extension/cpanel.

For example;

This is the general and easiest way to access your website Cpanel.

how to install wordpress in cpanel

Hosting access

Some hosting services allow you to access Cpanel from your hosting account. Contact their support to show you how to navigate your way through it.

3. Install WordPress

  • Once you get to the Cpanel login page, enter your Username and Password and click Login. If peradventure you don’t know your login details, check your email inbox or spam messages. (the one used with your web hosting service), it should have been sent to you. If you still can’t locate it, chat with their Customer support. That is another reason why you must use my recommended hosting services. They both have excellent support to help you. 

how to install wordpress in cpanel
  • Once you get to the Cpanel dashboard, scroll down until you see the “Softaculous app installer” section. Then Look for ‘WordPress’ as seen in the image below. Click WordPress

  • Click the blue Install button by the top right and confirm your URL to be sure it’s the correct one. If for a reason, it’s not what you expect to see, then click the drop-down arrow by the side and select the URL you want to install WordPress on. Note that most times, you will only see your URL, except if you have created a subdomain in time past.

  • Leave any other field you are not certain about in the default mode. Go ahead and fill in your site name and site description. Bear in mind that you can always edit these details later. But one important piece of information is to choose a Username and Password that you know you will not forget. It is always a good practice to write down this detail somewhere because you will need it to log into your WordPress dashboard in the future. Leave other details as they are. Leave every box unticked except if you know what you are doing.

how to install wordpress in cpanel
  • Scroll down and click on the blue Install button, and in a few seconds, WordPress will be installed on your website.

Congratulation! WordPress is now installed on your website. You can access your WordPress dashboard by clicking the Administrative link as seen.

how to install wordpress in cpanel

You can always log in with your admin details at;

www.yourdomain.extension/wp-admin. An example is

From here, you can begin the process of designing your website.

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