How To Install WordPress Plugins Easy & Fast

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Are you looking for the quickest way on how to install WordPress plugins for your WordPress website?

This short easy way is for you.

This is how to Install WordPress plugins in less than 1 minute!

Do you prefer this quick guide in the video? Then enjoy it below

Quick steps to install WordPress plugins

  • Log in to your WordPress website admin dashboard
  • Locate the Plugins tab on the side menu
  • Hover your mouse on the Plugin tab and click Add New from the option popup
  • Type in the name of your desired plugin in the search bar by the top right of the plugin repository
  • Wait a few seconds for the plugins to load and carefully locate the exact plugin you want to install(usually it will be one of the tops displayed options
  • Once you’ve located the plugin, click the Install button

How To Install WordPress Plugins

  • Wait a few seconds for the installation to be complete and then click the Activate button
  • Once activated, go back to the plugin section(it should take you there automatically once your activation is complete)
  • Locate your new plugin and complete the settings(if required)
  • Your plugin is now active on your website.

How To Install WordPress Plugins

You can deactivate and delete plugins by hovering over the target plugin. Options will be displayed under the plugin from where you can click the Deactivate plugin link.

Once deactivation is complete, you can go ahead and delete the plugin.

You also have the option to auto-update the plugin by clicking the auto-update option by the side of the plugin.

How many plugins are too much for a WordPress website?

I remember this was one of the questions that bothered me when I first started. But after over 5 years of WordPress experience and consultations with Programmers and other experienced WordPress users, the conclusion is not very straightforward.

Usually, you should be more concerned about the effectiveness of your website than worrying about numbers.

But to answer the question, having up to 30 plugins on your website will still be ok. Though this also depends on the kind of hosting plan your website is on.

Also, you want to go for safe and lightly coded plugins. Avoid those multifunctional WordPress plugins as they do place too much load on your website thus impacting your loading speed negatively.

Finally, anytime you have the opportunity to avoid the use of plugins, then you should do so.

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