How To Login WordPress Admin The Easy Way

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Before we discuss how to login WordPress admin, you must have hosted your website with a web hosting service and, also, installed WordPress on your website.

If you haven’t done this, check out this tutorial that walks you through the process of installing WordPress on your website.

Below is the easiest way to login WordPress Admin dashboard. It is called the direct login method. It is the easiest way to log in to your WordPress Admin dashboard after you’ve installed WordPress from Cpanel.

How to login WordPress Admin dashboard(Step-By-Step)

1 Open your favorite browser and type in www.your-domainname.ext/wp-admin. 

For example

how to login wordpress admin

2 Type in your Username and password. This is the password that you used while installing your WordPress from Cpanel.

how to login wordpress admin

3 Congratulations. You are now logged in to your WordPress Admin dashboard.

how to login wordpress admin

Also, note that you can access the WordPress Admin dashboard of a website even if you are the owner. But you must have been granted log-in permission by the website administrator. Both log in to follow the same process.

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