How To Make Money Online From Nigeria (Part1)

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how to make money from nigeria

Do you need a clear template on how to make money online from Nigeria?

This is the shortest report that will clearly explain to you the concept of making a living online if you want to make money online.

The fact that this report is short should not make you underestimate its potency to help you set up a 6 Figure online business, even if you have zero “naira” to spend or you presently lack any form of digital skill to make money.

What I have done is remove any information that will not give you an immediate benefit. I have limited this report only to information that you will quickly understand, and be able to practice immediately and start making money online once you are ready to start.

So, if you are looking for where to make money online from Nigeria, what to do to make money online, or even how to make money online in Nigeria as a teenager, then this short report will make it very clear to you.

First Things First

There are several erroneous beliefs on how to make money online from Nigeria that fly around, but 3 of these wrong beliefs are quite popular.

Let me quickly debunk these beliefs because I am sure that you too would have heard these things before.

They say that making money online is hard and complicated

Making money online is not rocket science except if you decide to overthink it. 

It is not as difficult as you might have heard or believed. Even if you are a teenager searching for how to make money online in as a teenager, you easily can do it.

They say that anyone who is making money online is a scam or fraud

Making money online is not a scam. If you understand the principle of leveraging on numbers like it’s done in any other “make money” endeavors, then the same principles apply in learning how to make money online from Nigeria, it’s nothing strange.

Some say that all you have to do to make money online is just have an internet-enabled device

Making money online is not about having an internet-enabled phone, pressing 3 buttons, and smiling to the bank. 

Just like any other honorable human activity, it requires some level of knowledge and dedication, and if you want to learn how to make money online, the same applies to you also.

This “what to do to make money online in Nigeria” guide will solve the knowledge problem for you.

You will be left with working out the dedication and hard work since nobody can do that aspect of making money for you.

If you are ready to learn, then I’m even more ready to show you the way, so let’s head on!

The Principle That Guide Making Money Online

Do you want to know how to make money online from Nigeria? then the quickest way I can explain this to you is for you to understand that it’s not “your phone” or “laptop” that generates money for you online.

What generates the money is people.

So, if you are not ready to add value to people online, then you won’t be making a dime, even if you invest heavily in learning how to make money online.

The good news is that even as you are reading this, you have enough value to give to people online that will make you money even while you are sleeping. You just might not have realized it. 

One major help that this book will offer you is to help you become aware of easy ways to add value to people and make a tonne of money doing so.

The Internet Is Massive

The internet is such a huge place and so I will not exhaust all the major ways to make money online in this guide.

There are several ways to make money online and if you give me the chance, I promise to open your eyes wide and “waoh” you with countless ways to make money online, some of which you are going to even be doing almost nothing!

But here, let me share with you 4 ridiculously simple steps to quickly set up a profitable and scalable online business that can give you up to 6 figures, even when you are sleeping or on vacation.


Create an Online Presence

Visibility is the code of online business. 

Come to think of it, if you have a traditional business, nobody knows about what you do until you probably open a shop, display your product/service, erect a signpost, talk to people, etc. 

The same applies to making money online. The good thing about making money online is that, unlike a traditional business, you can use the same effort to reach out to millions of people from anywhere you are targeting them on earth, even without leaving the comfort of your room!

Also, you can set up your online presence to be visible 24/7 without doing any monitoring.

The most popular means of setting up a presence online is through your business website and then social media.

There are countless ways that you can set up a website for free without touching a single line of code. So you are still safe if you don’t intend to spend money. 

But do know that your online presence must always be active all the time, even when you are sleeping. That is what your website and social handles will help you achieve.


Give something

how to make money online from nigeria

Did you notice I did not say “sell something”? 

Making money on the internet is NOT always about selling, but every time, it is always about giving!

On the internet, if you give, you will get.

That is what you will be doing with your online presence, to give. Your only job here is to make sure you give something of value, and that also is easy to achieve!


Make money as you give

how to make money online from nigeria

What you are giving or serving your audience will determine how you will make money from them.

Let me give a real-time example. I have a blog, and all I give in my blog is content on how anyone can design a website. 

Every time, I deliver blog articles on the various aspect of setting up a blog.

So, how do I convert my giving into money? after all, we are here t make money. Several ways!

One such way actually brought me $65 while I was preparing this report. Let me show you how I made that quick money; 

I always know that several people online love to have their personal or business websites but they are not ready to hire a web designer to do it for them.

But everyone that wants to set up a WordPress website for instance must buy a domain name and host (among several other tools and services that a functional website will need).

So, while I give free tutorials on how to design a WordPress website, I also recommend these important web tools to my audience.

I have a deal with the owners of these tools anytime I refer any of my followers to buy from them, I get a commission.

One of my followers just followed my recommendations and bought hosting from a web hosting company called Bluehost.

I have a deal with Bluehost that gives me a commission of $65 for any of my followers that buy their web hosting plan.

Even if I’m sleeping, as long as people are seeing my free tutorials online, they will always buy web hosting and I will continue to make a commission from such a sale.

I hope that is simplistic enough to understand.


Expose your online presence to more people

how to make money online in nigeria as a teenager

I have just explained how I made $65 from one of my free content online. But I will love to make this amount of cash on multiple followers or audiences. 

The simple math is that if I want to make more of this $65, then I have to find ways to make sure more and more people get to see this same article.

I am sure I wrote a great article, I’m certain that several people need this article and it’s for free. So all I need to do is make sure I position my online presence in such a way that more people who need these kinds of articles get to see it.

For instance, if 1000 new persons see this article, I am certain that at least, 10 of them will go ahead and buy the Bluehost hosting, which is a $65×10 ($650) for me!

If I achieve this number every day, that’s $650 in my purse every day!

Can you see how easy that is to achieve?!

Remember that I will only write this article just once, and I will keep getting the such amount of money from this article almost for life!

What happens if I manage to have 10 of such articles, 15, or 50?

The answer is simple, I can set myself up to be making commissions for 24 hours, whether I’m working, sleeping or on holiday, or in church…just anywhere.

Watch out for part 2 of this how to make money online from Nigeria guide.


The process of making money online that I just described above is as simple as I just did, like I told you at the beginning, DO NOT OVERTHINK IT!

But I must let you know that the process of putting yourself online, having a website(either paid or free), giving content that you are sure your online audience will love, getting deals to get a commission from, and publicizing your online presence for more popularity takes some little effort and guidance(just like every other endeavor.

I will be willing to guide you to start making your own money if you will give me the chance.

All you have to do is make sure that you remain on my list and MOST IMPORTANTLY, TAKE ACTION.

If you forget every other information I shared in this short guide, do not forget the 5-Step process of setting yourself up to start making money online on autopilot which are

  1. Have an online presence
  2. Have the habit of always giving for free 
  3. Tie your free gifts to other products to make money on autopilot
  4. Expose your online presence to more people s you can make money while sleeping.

Start, build and scale and I will see you in part 2 of this make-money-online easy guide!


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