How To Register My Business On Google Map: Complete Step-By-Step

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How To Register My Business On Google Map.

This topic may also be called Google My Business Registration, and how to register my business on Google map is what I will be showing you in this easy step-by-step tutorial.

Once in a while, as a Google My Business manager, I do my research to find out new ways to help business owners like you get more customers and sell more. 

In my latest, I discovered that the question of ”how to register my business on Google map’’ came up more than many others.

‘How to register my business on Google map’ is easy. There is no reason why you should not register on Google map.

Why Google My Business Registration(Google map) is key to small business success

Statistics have shown that more than 50% of internet users search for businesses on Google before they go ahead to patronize them in real life.

Also, I have several statistics that support the claim that people find it easy to patronize a business they have already engaged with online than one they have no prior information about. 

You should register your business on Google map. It is one of the most effective ways to boost sales and patronage in 2023. 

And the best part? Google my business registration is a free Google service!

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How to register my business on Google map in 2023. (Google my business registration)

Let me quickly walk you through the steps to register your business on Google map(Google my business registration). 

But before I begin, there are a few things that you should know as a business owner that wants to get free customers online with Google map

  1. ”How to register my business on Google map” is not the only thing that should matter to you. After your Google My Business registration, you have to follow some Google optimization procedures so that your business can rank above those of your competitors when new customers search for your kind of business on Google. 
  2. After you have successfully taken your business live on Google map, you don’t want to just abandon it there hoping that Google will keep your business profile fresh without your own input. It will not work, and your business will rank very low and poorly on search results
  3. Though the query for this article is ‘How to register my business on Google map’ but the actual term is ‘how to register my business on Google Business Listing’. It’s the same thing, but different people call it different names. 
  4. Google business listing(Google map) is the new name Google calls it, but it used to be called Google My Business(that is why I keep using the term Google My Business registration also). It’s important you get these terminologies right so that you don’t get confused if someone else refers to the same topic using a term you are not used to.
  5. If you don’t have the time to register your business and optimize it for ranking on Google map, I can help you professionally handle your business on Google. I can also be your Google My business manager. If you want me to help you, you can chat me up, and I will be willing to.

So having settled all these few points, if I want to know how to register my business on Google map, then I will do the following(follow me as I show you the few easy steps to register your business on Google map).

Steps on How to register your business on Google map in 2023

1. If you already have a Gmail account, sign in to your Gmail account. If I were you, I will open a new Gmail account just for my business. The choice is yours to make. 

You can follow this link to create a new Gmail account if you feel like;

2. Once you have your Gmail account active, log in to that account on your Google chrome browser

3. Go to and once the page loads, either click the Sign in button or Manage button. It will bring you to page one of your business registration


4. Type in your Business name, and if it auto-suggests your Business name while you are typing, then select it 

How To Register My Business On Google Map

5. Choose a business type between Online retail, Local store, or Service Business

How To Register My Business On Google Map

6. Choose a Business Category. Note that this will be your Primary Business category, the main category that you want your business to be known for. 

How To Register My Business On Google Map

As you type, Google will auto-suggest categories for you to make your selection. Choose the most appropriate.

7. Generally, Google classifies all local businesses into two, physical brick-and-mortar businesses and service area businesses that move around to meet their customers.

If your business falls under the physical business with a physical store or location, then fill in your address. But if you are a service area business, then select that option and then add service areas that your business targets. 

How To Register My Business On Google Map

Usually, Google recommends that these areas should not be more than 2hours drive from each other, and even if you don’t follow the rules, ranking for far areas will naturally come difficult even though there are ways to go about that process while optimizing your business on Google map.   

8. Add your Phone number and website address if you have one. You can also build a free mini website on Google business with free Google web tools

9. Google will give you a verification option to verify your business. Either by call or postcard, Google will send you a verification code that you will fill in the Verify your business field. It is not uncommon for this process to delay. In that case, you can choose the verify later option and move on to the rest steps of your Google map registration. You can always verify your Google Business listing later.



10. Go ahead and select your working hours 

11. Turn on messaging option if you want your customers to chat with you from Google search results. This is optional but highly recommended

How To Register My Business On Google Map

12. Add your business description. This is an opportunity to describe in about 750 words what your business does. You should also state the kind of products or services that you offer the public.


For now, skip the Advertise with Google option


13. Finally add photos to your listing. Imagery is very important to the business if you want to enjoy the best of Digital marketing. So add descriptive images of your business that prospective customers can easily relate to.



Conclusion: How To Register My Business On Google Map

Congratulations, your Google for business listing is done and dusted.

Now, your business can begin to appear on Google map when people search for businesses on Google that relate to what your company also provides.

Don’t forget to complete your Google for business listing verification if you have not done so. Your business will not appear live on Google until you have completed this part of the process.

Once your Google for business listing is done, and your business is ready to show up on Google map, the next thing to do is to start the process of optimization for your business.

This will impact your Google ranking positively. You will rank higher than your competitors when people search for your business-related keywords on Google.

If you want me to complete any of these processes for you, help you manage your business online or be your Google my business manager, or even rank your website high so that it can pull in more customers to your business, then chat me up, I will be willing to help you.

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