Namecheap Hosting: Everything You Need to Know

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namecheap hosting

Namecheap hosting remains the cheapest internationally recognized domain hosting service that offers quality domain hosting service on the internet.

Note that there are other domains hosting companies that offer great hosting services, even better than Namecheap.

But if saving costs and still enjoying a considerable quality service is what you are looking for, then Namecheap is your best option.

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Namecheap hosting

This company offers a range of web hosting services.

Namecheap hosting ranges from Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller, VPS hosting, and Dedicated servers.

You should know that for small users, the Shared hosting and maybe, WordPress hosting are the only ones that are relevant. Those are the only ones I will discuss in this article.

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Namecheap Shared hosting

I will not bore you with too much technical information. Let’s round up this package in a simple way you will understand.

Simply, Shared hosting means that your website will be sharing a server with several other websites. (more like you are sharing a room with others and thus sharing the same resources).

While this might have its negative sides, if you are a beginner who is just starting out, then go for the Namecheap Stellar shared hosting option. 

It goes for $22.56 a whole year. I guarantee that it will serve you well.

Otherwise, you can explore the Stellar Plus option. Stellar Plus is an upgrade on the Stellar option. Stellar Plus currently goes for $35.76 for the first year.

Namecheap WordPress hosting plan

The next upgrade of Stellar Namecheap hosting is the WordPress hosting plan. 

While the Shared hosting plan is a general plan for every kind of website builder, including WordPress, but WordPress hosting plan is exclusive to only WordPress websites. No other website platform can work on this plan.

It offers some additional functionality to WordPress users that might not be available to Shared hosting users. So it’s more expensive than Shared hosting.

Note that Shared hosting also works perfectly for WordPress. But you will have to build in your extra desires, which WordPress hosting will do for you at the click of a button.

Basically, that is the only difference between both plans.

Namecheap WordPress hosting prices range from $4.88, $8.88, and $13.88 per month.

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Steps to Namecheap web hosting

Register your Domain name

Registering your domain name is a step before you can host your domain name with Namecheap.

If you have registered your domain name already, skip this step and go to the Namecheap hosting step. If you haven’t, then pick your preferred domain name (that is your www or url) and continue the following steps;

1. Log on to the Namecheap home page here

namecheap hosting

2. Click the Domains tab and enter your preferred domain name into the search bar and click the search button

namecheap hosting

3. If the domain name has been registered before you, your search result will come out as unavailable. In that situation, you have to pick another name and repeat the process.

namecheap hosting

If your preferred domain name has not been used by another person, it will be available for purchase.

namecheap hosting

4. Go ahead and add it to the cart. Note here that different extensions come with different prices. I have assumed that you will be going for a .com. But if you prefer other extensions such as .net, .uk, .tv. etc, then use any of them that appeal more to you.

namecheap hosting

5. Click the checkout button.

At this point, Namecheap will suggest additional products to you. I advise that except you are sure about what you are selecting, you should leave every suggestion unchecked and click the confirm order button.

namecheap hosting

6. As a new Namecheap user, go to the New user tab and create An Account by filling out the account user form. Click the Create account and continue button. 

Congratulations and welcome to your Namecheap account dashboard. You will always sign into this account with the username and password you used to open the account.

namecheap hosting


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Namecheap hosting

Now that we have our domain name registered. Log into your Namecheap account if you are not currently there.

1. Point to the Hosting tab again and click the Shared hosting tab(If you prefer other hosting options, feel free to click your choice)

As I already advised, go for your preferred option based on your budget.

Remember that you have nothing to fear as you can upgrade your plan any time you wish. Some wisdom here is to go for a cheaper plan if you have a challenge with a decision. Remember, you can upgrade later.

2. I will click Get started with the Stellar plus plan for this tutorial

3. Select the new domain option. Select the already in cart option, except if you didn’t buy the domain as discussed in the earlier steps. then you should select the New purchase option and go over the domain registration process.

4. If you selected the Already in cart option, your registered domain selects automatically in the domain name option.

5. Make sure you’ve selected the correct options and then click the Add to cart button. 

6. Confirm your subtotal and click Confirm order button.

7. Fill in your debit card details and authorize your payment.

Congratulations. Your Namecheap domain hosting is successful.

After your hosting is successful, you can thus install WordPress on your website and start designing your website.

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