Payments With Stripe: How To Create Stripe Account In Nigeria(Other NonListed Countries)

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payments with stripe

Payments with Stripe is one popular means of receiving international payments all over the world. 

Does Stripe works in Nigeria or other nonlisted countries? Yes, it does, though not supported, you can still access Stripe from anywhere in the world as I will show you the process in this full guide.

If you have access to receiving payments with stripe, it can give you a wide range of opportunities to make money and receive funds internationally.

Not having access to payments with stripe has hampered a lot of people from being able to work online and receive payments in their country of residence.

Payments with stripe is handy, but several countries are not allowed to open a Stripe account. That is where the challenge is.

If you are living in a Stripe-delisted country like Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, and several other third-world countries, and you don’t have access to your own Stripe account, worry no more.

In this payments with Stripe guide, I will walk you through the process of opening your own verified Stripe account from any of such countries.

This won’t take you too much to do and before you know it, you can start receiving payments with Stripe in your country.

If that sounds interesting to you, then let’s get started.


Warning Before We begin

So, I checked up on a few pieces of information online to see what’s already there about opening a Stripe account for non-listed countries(eg, Stripe Nigeria account opening) and I saw some mentions about using the ESTONIA and other methods.

Well, you just want to be sure you are following the right process so you don’t get your account eventually banned and all your hard work go down the drain.

Requirements for Stripe opening

To open a verified and authentic Stripe account, you will need to get the following ready;

  1. You need to register a legitimate business in the United States and provide proof of your business type
  2. Your business details
  3. Fulfillment details of your business
  4. Public details of your business and
  5. A US bank account

So let’s quickly go through the steps of opening payments with Stripe account in countries that are banned or not listed on Stripe.

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To get a registered business name in the US;

Payments with Stripe
  • Once here, look for a random business name and type in here. I will go with MycirclesInc. You type in yours and click check availability
  • If perhaps your name has been registered by someone else, then go for another name, just use a name you are sure would not have been used by another person.

So you can see here;

Congratulations, preliminary check indicates MycirclesInc is available for registration, please continue below

Payments with Stripe

Come here and see the registration wizard, in the first field, select limited liability company.

  • Go ahead and pick out your preferred state, I will go with Colorado here

payments with stripe
  • Click Save and continue and it will bring us to a new page where we are required to provide our business details, simply add in your details;
  • A series of question tabs will come up, you should answer them as required;
  • Is MyCirclesInc your first business, I will choose yes and continue
  • If you have bla bla bla….I will just click no here
  •  Save and continue
  • When will MyCirclesInc be open for business, I will pick out ” I’m already open for business”
  • Save and Continue
  • Here, I will select my type of business
  • Save and Continue
  • Will MyCirclesInc be hiring employees in the next 12 months? I will pick a No
  • Save and Continue
  • Will MyCirclesInc be accepting credit cards for payment, I will just keep picking out a no.
  • Save and continue

You will now be required to fill in your business details;

Name, address, email address… but when we get to the phone number field, we will need a US phone to complete this stage of our registration.

So let me walk you through how to get a verified US real phone number

How To Generate A USA Phone Number

I will share 2 methods to get a verified US phone number. The first method is free and the second, you will pay a token. You can then pick your preference from any of them.

How To Generate A Free USA Phone Number

payments with stripe

As you can see, there are various countries whose phone numbers you can generate, but here, we want a US number. So, click open, and here is your new USA number.

So, how do you access messages sent to this number?

Just scroll down this page

One major challenge with using the free number is that you will not be the only one with access to this number. So you have to think twice before using it for certain sensitive purposes.

But to access your messages on this number, make sure you access this number immediately after your request to receive a message.

Come here and click Update messages and your message should be on top.

payments with stripe

So let’s go to the second method which is a paid option and most preferred since only you will have access to this number.

How To Generate An Exclusive USA Phone Number

If you want to go with a paid option for a US phone number which is more secure, then let me walk you through how to go about that

Go to your smartphone, I’m using an android device so I will go to the play store. If you are on iPhone, you can open your app store also.

  • Search for an app called dingtone, install it, and then open this app
  • We will have to create an account on Dingtone, so click get started, for every permission request, click agree,  allow, keep allowing

It should select your country automatically (your real country, and it will ask for your phone number, type in your real phone number.

  • You will be prompted to sign up, or if you like, you can also sign up with your email account. So click email and select your preferred email, type in your name, and click the continue tab up here
  • Alright, once your signup up is successful, come down here and click connect
  • Once you are here, it will give you this blue pop-up saying get your first phone number
  • Click the plus icon

Dingtong will give you several options to use, but because it’s payments with Stripe account we want to open, we will rather need an American phone number

So pick ‘USA’ at the top here.

I will click this plus icon. What we want here is a Random number

So as you can see here, it has generated a USA phone number for me. As I earlier said, this is not free, so if you want to pay yearly, then pick the first option and if monthly, choose the second option.

does stripe works in nigeria

So just click this get access to this number button here and you can pay and get access.

So now that we have a US-generated phone number, let’s go ahead with our registration.

Back To Incauthority page

Come back here and type in your newly generated phone number and click ‘Save and continue

Ok, here it’s asking:

So here, I will be required to confirm all the details I just submitted, so I will look through them.

Here, I’m requested to describe my business which I will just do in a few words.

Once I’m ok, I will come here and click yes to ‘send text message for MyCircleInc’.

 If you used the free phone number verification option, then go to the website like I demonstrated, generate your number, and then look out for the message

If you used the DingTong app, then go check up on your app for the text message.

Go AHEAD  and click Save and Continue

Again, you will be requested to fill in a US address and it has to be a real address here.

Let me show you how to go about getting a verified US address.

How To Generate A USA Address

Once again open a new browser and go to Shipito

payments with stripe

As you can see, Shipito is a Parcel forwarding company. We will sign up with Shipito and then Shipito will generate a US address for us

I will come here and click signup

payments with stripe

So, as you can see here, Shipito has different packages, but here, the free package is good enough for us to complete our job

So, select the free option and fill in your details. Put in your real country.

Then click create account

It will give you a prompt to check your email account for a confirmation message, so open your email account and check for mail from Shipito

Open it and click the ‘confirm email link

Click Activate Account

Once again, log in to Shipito account

Ok, here we are, the first thing to know is that Shipito has generated a US address for us. Then you can use this address to shop or complete an order on any website on the internet and they will notify you how your stuff is faring.

But for now, what we need is our US address, so scroll down here and you can see our address already generated for us!

So, copy this address, come back to Inc Authority and paste it here.

This address would have also come complete with state, city, and zip code. Go ahead and fix them appropriately. Then click save and continue

does stripe works in nigeria

Here, you can either create an account or continue as a guest. So let’s continue as guests here and let me show you other requirements that you will need.

does stripe works in nigeria

You will need a registered agent service which as you can see is free, I will add it to the order for free.

does stripe works in nigeria

Now here is the TAX ID that is also a core requirement to get our stripe account going.

 I will add to the order for $49

does stripe works in nigeria

The next thing needed is the operating agreement. I will also add this to the order for $89

You also need the Legal document, which also goes for $99

Minutes and Resolution is not so necessary, so you can decline this order

Do I want this done for me in 24 hours? Yes. it’s for free so why not, I will add it to order

Do I want an Online Business Presence( website designed for me), No, I will decline this order

Inc success Advisor? I will decline this one also. Standard support is fine by me

You will also need a bank account in the USA, so for Business Checking and Credit card, I will choose Yes I’m interested. It’s also free.

But if you have an active Payoneer account, and you have received up to $50 in the account, then you would already have had a USA bank account there, so if you do, you can use that detail instead of this one.

I will Save and continue

How To Open A Payoneer Account

So here is a summary of everything I have made an order for.

Everything cost 238 dollars.

I have seen people try to use other ways to reduce costs online, but you have to be careful about them so you don’t waste all your efforts and money and still not be able to get an authentic Stripe account or even banned after opening one.

So now, I suppose we now have all our requirements ready. Let’s head over to Stripe and open our Stripe account

Open Your Payment With Stripe Account

So, open your browser and go to Stripe

Click sign in

Come here to where it says ” YOU DONT HAVE AN ACCOUNT SIGN UP’’ AND CLICK IT

Put in your email address, and your full name, and leave the country at default which is the United States

Put in a strong password and click create account

Go ahead and check your email inbox to verify your account

Verify email

does stripe works in nigeria

Click Activate payments

Once done, it will take us here where it says FILL OUT YOUR BUSINESS DETAILS TO START ACCEPTING PAYMENTS

Now this is where all the documents we’ve been acquiring will be needed and as you can see, you don’t have to complete the whole process at a single time, your progress will be saved until you are done with your activation

As you can see up here, every information requested here, we already have them and since we have already done the hard work, the actual process of opening our Stripe account has become so easy to do.

All you need to do is to provide the information as requested and complete your stripe account opening.

So go ahead and open your Stripe account.


Does Stripe works in Nigeria or other nonlisted countries? The answer is yet. Though there is a process to doing so.

The process of opening Payments with Stripe account in non-listed countries such as Strip Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, etc, is easy in itself, but you need to get some documents ready before you can do so.

I have explicitly explained the process of opening a Stripe account in non-listed countries in the guide above and nothing else can be easier and clearer than the process I shared in this free guide.

Go ahead and open your payment with Stripe account in any country of residence.

Please share this information as many other people will benefit from this explicit guide.


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