Top 3 SMMA Outreach Tips That Works Great

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smma outreach

SMMA OUTREACH is all about getting SMMA clients to work within your agency!

The most important task for every SMMA is getting clients! Without clients, then you are not an agency

In this guide, I will show you the most effective SMMA OUTREACH strategy to get clients as a Social Media Management Agency.

If your SMMA agency is just launching out, this will be a lifesaver for your young business, and even if you are already doing well, everything I will be sharing here will help you up your SMMA game through effective SMMA outreach.

This outreach method is called Cold outreach.

If you are all set, then let’s jump right into it!


Cold outreach involves you reaching out to leads, by leads, I mean potential clients who are most likely to buy or subscribe to your SMMA service.

Cold outreach does not only mean Cold calling, just in case you don’t like the whole calling idea.

There are actually three kinds of Cold outreaches to get clients to do business with your agency;

We have cold calling outreach, cold emailing, and the cold direct messages

I will give you easy tips to leverage each of them to your advantage, and you really don’t have to implement all of them at one-time to achieve your SMMA goals.


So, what is cold calling?

It’s as simple as it sounds, cold-calling involves you picking up your phone to call and talk to people that don’t know you from adam, convincing them to signup with you.

Fine, I know it already, you may not enjoy picking up the phone to call people, in fact, there is a chance that you are even in the digital marketing space just because you want a business that will run on autopilot without you needing to call anyone.

But then, you are in the SMMA niche, and just for your information, cold calling is the most effective form of SMMA Outreach, even though it’s the least popular.

If you already don’t have any challenges calling strangers, then you should utilize this SMMA OUTREACH method to your advantage. 

Peradventure, if you really don’t enjoy calling people, then it’s not as difficult as you think, especially when you already know the right things to say, and how to say them. 

By the time you’ve started converting these strangers to paying customers, I guarantee you will enjoy it!



What will you need for effective cold call outreach?

  1. Your phone
  2. A call recorder. Recording your calls will help you so much going forward 
  3. A headset and microphone
  4.  Skype

Finally, from my experience, you will use video conferencing tools like Zoom for post-call meetings, so you should have a zoom account active.

Always remember that cold calling, while the most underused SMMA OUTREACH method, is actually the most effective

Tools to help you get the best out of cold call

a. You need a script

I was blown away by the effectiveness of this strategy when I started implementing it.

It doesn’t matter how eloquent you think you are.

Most times, opportunities to impress a lead via cold call are not always so plentiful, and you won’t have all the time, so you really want to be deliberate about your choice of words and go straight to business saying just the right things only. 

Having an already scripted message will help you achieve that. Don’t underestimate how effective this is.

b. Don’t pitch your service, pitch a meeting instead

As a first-timer, your target has never known you, and my guess is that your brand also is really so little known. They are full of skepticism. That should tell you that they won’t give you so much time. 

Once they see that all you care about is selling something, sorry, you might hear the door bang behind you. These guys receive these kinds of calls daily.

So, instead of pitching your service, pitch a meeting instead.


c. Try to break through the “Gatekeeper” done to the “homeowner”

 If you are reaching out to a business, chances are that your first point of call will be to a receptionist or “front desk” person. 

You must have prepared your mind for this and in your script, find a way to make sure this gatekeeper allows you to talk to the right person who will be in the best position to make a decision if they want to try your service out. You must have preempted this barrier even before you dial the phone.

d. Don’t pitch yourself or your business, pitch how your business can help them instead

If you have to speak business on the phone as some of them will allow you even in the first call, always remember this rule of marketing;


Therefore, let your call pitch be about one subject only, how your agency is out to help them. Always remember that nothing else matters to them.

So, you should have done your research and know a little about how you can help them ahead of time. If you cannot get such information, then the easy way to go is to ask them questions.

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COLD EMAILING involves scrapping the email addresses of prospects you’ve never met before and then pitching them via email.

One of the reasons why many SMMAs are not using COLD CALLING outreach is because of output.

What I mean by output is that, no matter how effective your cold calls go, you can only speak to a single prospect at a particular time. 

This disadvantage is one that cold emailing has come to fix.

With cold emailing, you can send your message to several thousands of prospects at a time and hope that the same email achieves similar results on almost all of them.

Converting your prospects through email will not be as direct as cold calling. You will have to be ready to send a couple of messages for an outreach campaign, organizing these messages to prime them from cold to warm and then, to hot prospects. 

Doing this takes understanding basic email marketing skills, but it’s a great way to convert many prospects without having to call or even set up any physical meeting if done well.


Cold messaging is very similar to cold emailing, except that instead of having to scrape emails of strangers, you are sending direct messages.

Gone are the days when text messages used to be the only way to engage with people, things have gone much better, easier, and more advanced than sending text messages.

In my opinion, sending direct messages is the easiest form of cold SMMA outreaches, and the presence of various social media platforms has made life so easy.

Now, you can easily send direct messages to your prospects via Facebook messenger, LinkedIn, Twitter, and just about any social platform where you think your targets hang out.

But again, you have to do this right to get good results from direct messaging.


The best SMMA outreach is one that easily gets new targets and potential clients to work with.

The easiest SMMA outreach to get new clients without spending money on ads is the cold outreach strategy.

There are 3 types of cold outreaches to getting new SMMA clients, they are cold calls, cold emails, and cold direct messaging.

They are very effective SMMA outreaches that will bring clients for you as an SMMA if you do them well just as I have explained in this article.

If you incorporate these into your call outreach, you will be amazed at how effectively you convert these leads into paying customers.

Go ahead and implement these SMMA outreach strategies. If you can be consistent for even a week, you will have more clients on your hands than you can handle.


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