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Creating marketing video for social media promotion is one of the best ways to triple your sales and get leads in 2022. How to create quick, free and easy social media marketing videos without appearing on camera is what I will teach you in this definitive guide.

Appearing on camera is a big deal to all of us. 

If it is a once-in-a-while video, then maybe we can go through the pain and sometimes the high cost.

But to create a social media video for marketing every day to post on our social media handle? It is a lot of hassle.

In this guide, I will show you how to create short, simple, and yet elegant social media marketing videos to sell your products and service without appearing on camera or recording anything.

Also, you won’t buy any tools. 

You can get your social media marketing video done and ready in less than 10 minutes.

Another good side to these kinds of marketing videos is that you can post such a single video on all your social media platforms or even run ads with it if you’ve got the budget.

I guess all of this sounds interesting! You will surely love this one. 

Let’s jump right in.

How influential are marketing videos?

Just how impactful have videos helped businesses and brands in recent years?

2022 has been a year for video for social media. And according to projections, videos will continue to do well in coming years.

Let’s take a quick look at some interesting statistics about video content.

72% of online consumers prefer videos to text and image marketing (RetailDive)

video for marketing

According to Hubspot statistics, 72% of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than read a product description. Internet consumers are watching more videos online than ever before – in fact, the amount of online videos they watch has almost doubled since 2018.

Nearly 50% of internet users looked for online videos related to a product or service they were interested in before visiting a store. (ThinkWithGoogle)

86% of businesses now use video to help market their product and services(WYZOWL statistic)

video for marketing

87% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic. (WYZOWL statistics)

What does this information suggest? You have to come along with what is working if you really want to improve on your returns for the year and beyond.

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Marketing video templates

What are marketing video templates?

Marketing video templates are guides or already made patterns that you follow to create social media marketing videos and any other marketing videos for that matter.

With a video template, you don’t have to sit staring at your computer, blank and confused, asking yourself; where do I even start?

Generally, there are four marketing video templates that you can use to create marketing videos. 

These video templates have been used by several top-rated video marketers times and again. They still convert so well today. They are;

1. How-To videos

2. Product demos

3. Explainer videos

4. Case study

In this article, we will create our example marketing video with the How-To video template.

The How-To marketing video template

The How-To video template consists of 3 steps that you must follow accordingly;

Step1: Introduction

The intro is the first part of your video creation process.

Here, you will talk about the problem you want to solve in the video.

Don’t get into too many story backgrounds in this section. 

The fact is, people, don’t have such an attention span. They are not interested. Just go straight to the message.

Try not to exceed 30 seconds in the introduction part of your video.

Step2:How-To steps and(or) tips

Here, you will discuss the solution to the problem in step 1.

You must use either a step-by-step method to present your solution or use tips. 

Your choice will depend on what you are trying to sell or the problem you are providing a solution to.

Since this is the body of your video, it will be the longest. 

But remember the rules of social media videos; they must be short. A short video gets more engagement on social media. 

So let this section not go beyond 1 to 3 minutes maximum. Always keep it short and rich.

Furthermore, if you make it short, there is a higher chance that they will contact you after watching.

Step3: Conclusion

Now, it’s time to recap. 

The conclusion is the most crucial aspect of any marketing video, yet many creators get it wrong here.

Before you begin creating your video, you must know the purpose that you want to achieve with your video. That is what will inform the Call To Action that you will use.

Your call to action could be anything from asking them to buy, learn more, submit their contact details, or any other.

Just make sure that you use a power word that is very clear and straight to the point.

Now, let’s create our video.

video for marketing

Steps to create a 5 minute social marketing Video

I use two online tools to create all my social marketing videos. They are Canva and Invideo


1. If you have a Canva account, then log into Canva. 

If you don’t have an account with Canva, sign up for a free account here.

Click HERE to sign up for Canva free account

2. On your Canva dashboard, click the video tab on the top menu option

3. You can pick any screen dimension displayed. I will choose the mobile video option

From the template option, you will see a display of several premade templates from which you can choose.


Some of these templates are only available if you are on any Canva paid plan. I think these subscriptions are cheap if you have the budget. 

But if you are unwilling to subscribe to the paid plan, you will only be able to use the free templates.

You can also use your product keyword to search for a template close to what you want your video to be about. Likewise, you can use a blank template.

If you can’t find a satisfactory template, you can also click the element tab. Type in your keyword and choose any of the displayed options that you like.

In this example, I will be creating a social media video for a Piano Instructor who wants to promote his Piano training service online.

So I will type Piano into my element search bar and use the free templates that are displayed.

video for marketing

Using our How-To template, I will create this social media video using the steps below;

Part 1: Introduction

1. From the element option, I will choose a video icon that relates to Piano for my introduction.

In this video, we will only be using text to teach, since we are using only Canva to create our video, and we want to create easily in less than 10 minutes, we won’t be using our voice

2. I will Click the text option and type in my introduction text

video for marketing

“In this video, I will show you how to play your first piano tune in 2 minutes or less, even if you have never attended a music lesson before”

3. I will adjust my text size

4. Because it’s a video, I will add animation effect on my texts by clicking on the text, then I will click the 3 dots, and click the Animate option

5 I will hover through each option and choose anyone one

video for marketing

We want this introduction to be about 20 seconds long, so let’s adjust our clip by dragging from the side pane below

Part2: How-To steps

I will click the plus icon and open the next scene

Then repeat the processes as I did for the Introduction.

While creating your video scenes, If your steps and tips are too long to remain in a single scene clip, you can split them up into different clip scenes.

But make sure that this part isn’t longer than 3 minutes. This keeps your video short and intriguing to watch.

Part3: Conclusion

I will also repeat similar processes for this last part of my video and keep the conclusion as short as 30 seconds.

Other marketing video templates

I mentioned the other three marketing video templates earlier.

Briefly, let’s consider how these other templates are used to create marketing videos.

Product demos

Content of the Product demo template are;


This is where you start from, introducing the problem that your video hopes to solve. This should be short as you want to quickly draw the attention of your viewers to what your video will help them achieve. 20 to 30 seconds will be more than enough.

Tease the solution

Here, after you have introduced the problem, you want to keep them wanting more, so you tease them with the solution without hitting the nail on the head yet.

video for marketing

Unveil the product

Now you can tell them about the solution to the problem, which of course is your product or service.

Product features and benefits

 Why is your product the solution? That is what you want to tell them in this section. Describe in detail the features of your product and the benefits that each feature will provide. Remember; In marketing, people won’t buy just because you show them the features, they buy because they can see the benefits that those features provide.


Does your product or service has a testimonial? then it’s time to fix them into your video. Remember that even if you don’t have testimonials, there are other ways to get proof across to people. Explore your options.


The main goal of a marketing video conclusion is the Call to action. Let it be a “power” word and clear for your viewers to know exactly what you want them to do.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are perfect in situations when you want to explain a concept that is tied to your product or service.

They contain the following;


As we have already established in earlier templates, go straight to the point and make your announcement.

Lead questions

If you understand your ideal customer well, you will know the kinds of questions that they have been asking concerning this product.

Ask these questions before you go into the nitty-gritty of your video. It makes them feel comfortable and eager to watch on as they are familiar with the questions you are asking.

The explanation

Go ahead to explain your concept and give answers to the questions you have raised and more.

Product tie-in 

Now is the time to tie your product and service to this explanation

Conclusion: How To Create Social Media Video For Marketing Without Appearing On Camera

If you are interested in tripling your sales with social media marketing, then using daily video to promote your product, services or brand is a must.

Statistics has made it absolutely clear than video content does more than 80% better in terms of engagements and conversions better than text or image content.

To get the best result with video marketing, you will have to post videos almost daily, and this is where the challenge lies.

There is an amazing solution, video creation tools such as Canva and Invideo will help you to create any kind of videos for your brand in a couple of minutes, you don’t even need to pay any money. You will also not bother about appearing on camera, just as this guide has revealed.

Have you been using videos for your marketing promotion online? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

We love to hear from you.