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tips on how to blog

If you want your blog to come out top among the competition, these are the best tips on how to blog you must begin to practice.

You’ve probably heard that there are millions of blogs on the internet. Maybe you feel yours won’t have any chance.

You don’t have to worry. Maybe aside from those who started blogging in 1995, blogging competition has been rising from the outset. Yet, new blogs are still doing massively well and getting massive attention, even in 2022.

I assure you that irrespective of your blog niche if you follow the tips for blogs and the rules of blogging success as I will clearly explain in this article, your blog will also compete with the best in your market.

Ready to explore these tips for blogs that can transform your blog career? Let’s dive right in.


1. Choose the right blogging platform

A blogging platform is the content management system that enables you to host your blog content. 

There are several blogging platforms out there. Some are free while others require some hosting fees to access and use. 

Strictly speaking, any of these platforms can be a right or wrong choice. It all depends on your overall blogging goals and the resources available to you.

tips on how to blog

My verdict here is that you must understand your present goals, your resources, and your expertise clearly before choosing anyone of them, either paid or free.

I will also mention that the general majority of expert bloggers unanimously agree that for anyone who wants to approach blogging from a career perspective, a WordPress self-hosted blogging platform is the preferred option

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2. Serve your market(Conduct proper keyword research)

Maybe you expected that the next tips on how to blog that I should mention should be around the appearance of your blog. Not yet.

Now that you’ve gotten your blog hosting platform right, you need to ask the question; why am I blogging?

Irrespective of the blogging niche that you are in, if you want to succeed as a blogger, there is only one correct answer to that question. The only reason why you should be blogging is that you want to serve your market.

You want your blog to calm their fears, give them results, meet their expectations, and satisfy their desires. Anything short of these goals will only lead to blogging failure, your hard work notwithstanding.

That is easy to understand, yet this is where most bloggers get it wrong.

While I understand that when you write your blog post, only you get to read it before publishing, this is not the reason why your blog should be all about you.

Keyword research is key

Before you start writing your next article, maybe to solve a problem, or entertain or allay a fear, you need to ask yourself;

Where did I get this idea or topic from?

Many bloggers only write about topics that they think their audience is asking for. That is a recipe for failure!

In blogging, you don’t “think” or “assume”. Therefore, before you start writing, you need to go out there and ask your audience what exactly it is that they will love to see you write about.

When you go out to ask, you must bear in mind that it is what the majority of your audience wants to see that you write about. In choosing the right topic, the majority always carries the vote. 

If you don’t do this, be sure that after publishing your blog post, only you will read it. This is because you only wrote on a topic that you think is right, not what your audience wants to see. Technically, such a post is useful for only you!

So, how do you go about asking your audience to know what they will love to see you write about? By doing proper keyword research.

There are several tools online that you can use to conduct your keyword research, I use Ubersuggest among others. But there are several great Keyword research tools such as Hrefs, SEmRush, etc. Feel free to conduct your research and get down with one most comfortable for you.

tips on how to blog

From the image above, Affiliate marketing being one of my niche topics will be a good keyword to write about. The reason is that from the keyword research result in that image, I can see that 135,000 people want to know more about the topic. So it’s an example of a great topic for me to write about.

The same applies to your niche. There are topics that your audience wants to know about, but you must conduct proper research to know what these topics are, and then go ahead and serve it to them in the best way possible.

3. Choose your best topic but narrow down

There are over a hundred lucrative topics you can blog about, even in 2022. But not all of these topics are good for your personality or business.

This is another area where I see a lot of bloggers struggle. 

While money is an important factor, you don’t want your choice of a blog topic to be all about money. 

Also, you want to pick a topic that you know that people will be interested in, not a topic that you think people will be interested in. We’ve already discussed the importance of carrying out thorough keyword research before starting.

Once you are convinced about your blog topic, you also want to avoid the mistake of writing too broad.

For every major topic, there are sub-topics that you can drill down into.  

For instance, you might be interested in blogging about human health. But the health niche is such a broad topic.

Remember that in the health niche, you will find sub niches like Weightloss, Paleodiet, Supplement, Acupuncture, etc. A big mistake you want to avoid is trying to blog on any of these topics randomly.

This will present you as a jack of all trades and your blog will not be known for anything in particular.

So, while you want to carefully research a great topic to blog, you even want to do more work in narrowing it down into a sub-niche that you are most comfortable with.

As your blog grows and becomes more established, then you can systematically broaden your blogging scope. At that point, it is allowed and it will present you with even larger blogging goals and opportunities.

4. Always do your best to beat your competitors

There is no new information on Google. Whatever it is you want to write about, chances are that other bloggers have written about them before.

But there is a kind of information that is unique and can’t be found anywhere; that is information that is better and more in-depth than what already exists.

Your content must be better and more in-depth than what already exists.

This is one of the best SEO gifts you can offer your blog posts. Google will also reward you for it. In short, this is one of the easiest ways to topple your hardest competition.

Any time you want to write, check out your biggest competition and what is it that’s good about their piece. Then take a step further and offer more than they have given.

There are several ways to do this and I will leave it up to you. Make sure you offer much more than what your competitors already gave.

But as a general tip, one thing that can quickly transform your blog posts is to make your post scannable. Do this by adding features such as relevant images, infographics, quotes, statistics, blog graphics, and videos. They enhance user experience and improve retention time on your posts.

You should also work on your blog post template.

5. Write about what you love

In addition to picking a profitable niche, you want to make sure that you have a connection with the topic of your blog.

It’s simple to understand, if you don’t love what you blog, you might lack the required staying power.

As with every other business, there are times when things might go a bit rough and challenging in blogging. At this point, you need a lot of patience to be consistent and not quit. 

If you love what you do, even when things are not going your way, you can stay because of your love and connection to the topic. You might not be making money yet, but you love the knowledge and the growth.

If you don’t love your blog topic, you can easily quit at the slightest challenge.

Therefore, while you may not know so much about your blog topic at the start, if you love what you do, you can stay on it and learn as you journey forward. 

If you don’t have a connection with your blog topic, even if you know so much about it, you will struggle at difficult moments.

6. Encourage Interraction

Interaction with your followers creates bonding. It also adds to your blog’s SEO score. This is one of the tips for blog success that bloggers often overlook.

Use every opportunity to encourage your readers to interact with your blog posts. The best way to do this is to use a conspicuous call to action in your article. You can ask them to perform a task either in the introduction section but usually, it’s better in the conclusion section.

The best way to come up with a task for your readers is to ask yourself what you want them to know to do after reading your blog post. Then use it in the conclusion part of your post and make sure that they have easy access to the comment section without asking them to do too much.

7. Update your existing content

Every time, we learn new tips for blog success. But our previous blog content remains live online permanently.

A good practice you must adopt as a blogger is to always find time to get back to your previous blog articles and effect new tips you learn and apply to your most recent articles. 

Features worth updating could be anything like recent statistics, images, interlinking with relevant pages, year, new keywords, spelling checks, proofreading, and blog title among other things.

This will ensure your log remains fresh, relevant, and up to date. 

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Conclusion: 7 Must-Know Tips On How To Blog

There are core tips on how to blog that you must engrave in your memory if you want to succeed as a blogger.

This article may not have discussed everything there is to know as no single article anywhere can fully exhaust the bells and whistles on all tips for blogs that exist.

New tips are discovered daily, but I can assure you that the tips on how to blog that I discussed above are too important to ignore.

Apply them and your blog will stand out from your competitors, in season and out of season.

I love to know if there are other important tips for blogs that you believe are key but not mentioned here.

We love to hear from you.