WordPress Best Hosting Services (Based on my 6 years of experience)

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In this article, I present my opinions on the best WordPress hosting companies on the internet.

Before you go ahead to make a decision about which WordPress hosting to go for, you need to know crucial web hosting rules as explicitly shared in this article. 

I’ve been designing blogs and websites for 6 years. Seriously, you will want to hear my opinion on the best WordPress best hosting service you should go for. 

I suppose that this information will be more relevant to you if you are not so experienced with WordPress hosting. Of course, even experienced WordPress users will find this information very relevant.

If you’re looking for advice on the best WordPress hosting choices, then calm down and come with me.

Best WordPress hosting for beginners

Reading lists of hosting provider ideas can be intimidating if you’re just getting started with building a website

Truth be told, if you want your blog/website to be fun to use, you need great WordPress hosting. One that combines effectiveness and pocket-friendliness, among other features.

I have done some checks online and many times, I see people talking about plenty of technical stuff. But, then, you are probably searching for a simple, beginner-friendly solution that will lead you to WordPress best hosting service to host your website.

To assist you, I’ve compiled a list of the four best web hosting alternatives for beginners.

Are there just 4 WordPress best hosting services on the internet?

No way! 

There are many great WordPress hosting companies out there. 

Best WordPress hosting company; My 6 years of web hosting experience

In the last 5 years, I have used over 7 web hosting services personally and in my line of job, I have encountered over 15 WordPress hosting companies. But then, I was able to sieve through this list and come out with my fantastic 4.

Any of them will work so well for you, especially if you know little to nothing about handling WordPress hosting.

Besides, I believe that giving you too many WordPress hosting options can be overwhelming and unnecessary. So I did my give-and-take and I came up with these 4 WordPress hosting options for you.

Picking any of these 4 will serve you amazingly well, I guarantee you.

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In WordPress hosting, “Best” could mean different things

It is important to also mention here that the adjective “BEST” could mean different things in different circumstances.

For instance, there might be a great web hosting service with several advanced features but it might not be so useful for someone who needs just a simple website setup.

In such a case, you might decide to go for cheaper hosting with less advanced features rather than spending so much on features that are irrelevant to you.

Therefore, I have carefully picked these WordPress hosts based on the qualities that matter mainly to beginners. 

I have intentionally either excluded technical information that may not be relevant or broken them down into simple explanations that you can easily relate to.

You will be able to pick your best WordPress hosting choice after understanding simple but very important information such as how simple it is to create and manage your website with these hosting, affordability, support, and what useful tools a host has included to make life easier for you to create your website/blog.

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Factors to consider when choosing WordPress best hosting service

1. Installing WordPress with simple clicks

Installing WordPress, or whatever software you wish to use for your website, should be simple with a beginner-friendly hosting service. 

2. A dashboard that is not complicated to use

You’ll utilize your Web host’s dashboard to control other features of your website from the backend. 

Such features include the creation of custom email accounts, SSL certificates, backups, retrieving important information, and more.

All of the hosts on this list have created their own user-friendly bespoke hosting dashboards. These types of complex tasks, such as installing an SSL certificate to secure your site’s data, will be possible without any technical experience.

3. Important features such as email hosting

Creating and managing a website is more than just hosting your website. Among other things, you’ll probably also want personalized email addresses, such as you@yourdomain-name.com. Instead of using general emails like Gmail. 

 A beginner-friendly host should make creating and managing email accounts as well as other capabilities like domain administration very simple, even for first-timers.

4. Reasonable pricing

This one is very important. As a beginner, you don’t want to start your website by spending a lot of money. Therefore, you want to use affordable WordPress hosting and at the same time offer a quality service. 

You can always upgrade your hosting as your website grows, but it’s preferable to start with a low-cost option until you’ve figured out the ropes and what resources your site requires.

5. Superb support and documentation

You’ll almost certainly get into circumstances where you require assistance, no matter how user-friendly a website host’s interface is.

A beginner-friendly WordPress hosting should offer good documentation so you can learn about major features and 24/7 support if you need one-on-one assistance.

Based on these conditions, among several others which I want to spare you from, the 4 WordPress Best hosting companies that I will recommend to you are; 


bluebhost for wordpress

Bluehost is one of the most popular WordPress domain hosting companies on the internet. It is one of the oldest web hosting services still existing and because of its low prices and user-friendly onboarding process, is an excellent choice for novices.

The Bluehost for WordPress website wizard will walk you through setting up your WordPress website in just a few minutes after you sign up for Bluehost. On top of the “standard” cPanel dashboard.

Bluehost has designed the bespoke hosting dashboard that makes it a lot easier to control crucial aspects of your hosting account, such as generating your personalized email address, and Bluehost for WordPress installations.

Simple setup wizard Bluehost has created an extremely simple onboarding process to help you get your first site up and running quickly. If you wish to establish additional sites after you’ve completed the initial onboarding, Bluehost includes a one-click installer.

Bluehost has its custom hosting dashboard (on top of cPanel) that makes it simple for newbies to conduct crucial tasks.

Bluehost WordPress installation is easy with just a few clicks.

Automatic WordPress updates

If you use WordPress, Bluehost will keep you up to date by updating the software for you.

Free email hosting

Bluehost provides free email hosting, making it simple to set up your email account. Pricing Bluehost has reasonably priced options, especially if you pay for numerous years in advance.

Basic For a single website, prices start at $2.75 per month. Plus Limitless websites start at $5.45 per month. Choice Plus Starts at $5.45 per month for unlimited websites plus CodeGuard backups.

Click this link to check up more on BlueHost web hosting details


hostgator for wordpress

This is a US-based web hosting company. Hostgator has been around since 2002. 

Now, more than 18 years later, HostGator is one of the leading web hosting providers on the globe.

Hostgator has hundreds of thousands of clients all over the world with thousands of websites and domain names hosted with them. 

If they are so successful, there must be reasons why people are using thor services.

Beginner-friendly features Pricing

The first reason to choose HostGator for your startup website is that it is very affordable.

I don’t think I need to explain to you how crucial price is to the majority of people. This makes Hostgator my no1 recommended best WordPress domain hosting company for beginners.

Having a low-cost hosting solution to fall back on can help you save money that you can put towards expanding your business.

Here’s an illustration of how inexpensive HostGator is: You can get started with just $2.75 per month. Can you imagine that? They have several hosting plans such as VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting.

All of these plans are significantly less expensive than what several other WordPress domains hosting companies charge.

Wide Range of Services

The variety of services offered by HostGator is the second incentive why host websites with them. As your company grows, you may need to increase your website capacity as well.

A complicated website will demand more resources to function effectively.

That’s why HostGator is ideal for any startup: if you outgrow your current plan, you can simply upgrade to a better one.

Great Customer Service

I remember when I started designing websites, customer service used to be my biggest concern.

Even with the best WordPress domain hosting services, difficulties might arise while developing or managing your website. This is where the importance of prompt customer support comes in.

From my experience, the customer service provided by HostGator is exceptional compared to several other web hosting services. Free Website builder Using Hostgator’s free website builder tool, creating a new WordPress website from scratch is so easy and breezy fast.

You may pick from any of their large store of free templates, all of which are responsive by default (meaning they will look excellent on a variety of devices and screens).

Reseller Hosting

This is an offer if you want to start your Web hosting service. Hostgator does offer reseller Hosting for their subscribers. All you have to do now is pick a plan that you’re comfortable with and give it a shot.

45 days Money-back guarantee

Hostgator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee during which you can request a refund if you are not pleased with their hosting service.

This time frame offers you the opportunity to try out all of the features that come with your desired plan. This is quite a long time to make up your mind.

My verdict: Hostgator is one of the best WordPress Best Hosting Services available. You won’t be wrong if you give them a try.



Namecheap for wordpress

One distinguishing factor about Namecheap is that it offers one of the cheapest domain and hosting services. Not just among the Web hosting services I have spoken about here, but all over the internet. 

When I started hosting websites, I was warned not to use Namecheap services because some people believe that for such ridiculous prices, Namecheap can’t offer a good hosting service.

But that is not true. Currently, I have 4 clients whose websites are hosted with Namecheap and those websites are doing great.

While you may want to consider other bigger options if you have the resources, Namecheap remains one of the best web hosting options for anyone who is on a limited budget. I can guarantee that because I have a vast amount of experience with Namecheap web hosting.

Namecheap Support

With due respect to other web hosting companies, in my opinion, Namecheap has the best customer support.

Usually, I always advise anyone who has zero technical knowledge to start hosting their websites with Namecheap.

View Namecheap web hosting service here



Unlike other WordPress best hosting services, Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting service that can only be used to build WordPress websites. 

Flywheel can develop a highly beginner-friendly experience for creating and managing WordPress sites since it is solely focused on WordPress.

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Automatic WordPress installation

When you join up for Flywheel, they’ll assist you in installing WordPress according to your choices automatically

User-friendly hosting dashboard

Flywheel boasts the most user-friendly dashboard of all the hosts on this list. It’s a delight to use!

Automatic WordPress updates

Flywheel updates both the core WordPress software and any WordPress plugins you’re using for you.

Automatic backups

Flywheel backs up your site automatically every day, giving you peace of mind that your data is protected.

Performance Optimization

Flywheel takes care of a lot of speed enhancements for you, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business.

Free premium WordPress themes – you’ll have access to the Genesis Framework and 30+ StudioPress WordPress themes at no extra charge.

Because Flywheel only hosts WordPress sites, their support staff are all WordPress specialists that are available to assist you at any time.

Note: Flywheel doesn’t have its email hosting service, which is a shame if you want to create a bespoke email address quickly. You can, however, utilize your email address in conjunction with Flywheel by using Google’s G Suite ($6 per month) or Zoho Mail (free).


Unlike other web hosting services, Flywheel is a little more expensive than the other hosts, though it does provide a low-cost option for tiny sites:

Tiny – $13 a month for up to 5,000 monthly visitors.

Starter tier: $25 per month for up to 25,000 monthly visits.

Go to flywheel hosting HERE

Conclusion: WordPress Best Hosting Services

Overall, the ideal WordPress best hosting for you will be determined by your specifics, such as preferences, requirements, level of expertise, and how much you are willing to spend. 

But you can simply choose any of the ones I have explained above. You can be sure that you will be in good hands.

What’s your opinion about these recommendations? 

If you would love to learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch, then check out my tutorial on how every beginner can create a WordPress website without a sweat.

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