WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org; Key Differences To Know Before You Choose

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wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org; What are the differences between the two WordPress platforms?

WordPress is one of the most searched keywords on the internet.

WordPress has become the most popular platform for bloggers and designers. It appears like everyone knows something about WordPress.

The problem is that when you mention WordPress, a lot of people don’t know that we have two versions; WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. And lots of those who know do think that they mean the same thing. 

Others are confused as to which of them carry out what function. 

WordPress.com and WordPress.org do not mean the same thing.

In this piece, I will tell you all that you need to know in the WordPress.com vs WordPress.org comparison. 

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

If you want to start a blog or launch a career in web design, you want to know as much as possible about WordPress

More than 60 million websites and blogs are built and managed on WordPress.

BEST platform for blogging

But which WordPress platform will be the best choice for your website goal?

At the end of this WordPress.com vs WordPress.org comparison, you will be clear on which to use to manage your blog.

1. Hosting

Hosting is the most striking difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.org hosting

WordPress.org hosting is popularly known as self-hosting or self-hosted WordPress. This is because you have the responsibility to host your WordPress. To do this hosting, you must approach a hosting company and pay a hosting fee, which is usually not expensive.

If you are not technically inclined, this is no longer a problem because most web hosting companies have created easy ways to do this, many with just a click of a few buttons.

WordPress.com hosting

WordPress.com provides this hosting for you alongside the blogging platform. With WordPress.com, you don’t have to host your blog or website separately. You will not have to do anything extra.

WordPress.com provides you with various hosting plans, including a completely free one. So with WordPress.com, all you need to do is focus on building your website without worrying about hosting and installation.

Ease of use

WordPress.com follow a simple process to set up. 

All you need to do is register your account with WordPress.com, choose your preferred hosting plan, and in a few moments, you can publish your first blog post.

Do you want to know how to set up your free blog either on WordPress.com or other free platforms? Check out these in-depth step-by-step details.

WordPress.org is not always that straightforward. 

With WordPress.org, you will need to approach a web hosting company to host your blog/website and buy your unique domain name. Before you can begin, you must first complete these procedures.

It’s not as difficult as it seems, but WordPress.com is an easier one.

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wordpress.com vs wordpress.org



WordPress.com offer a free hosting option. With this option, you can set up your blog and publish your post live on the internet without paying, completely free.

You should also know that WordPress.com offer upgrade plans if you need additional features in the future.

This indicates that WordPress.com is a fantastic choice if you’re on a budget. As you start earning on your free WordPress.com blog, you can easily upgrade to enjoy more features with the paid options.

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Self-hosted hosting(WordPress.org hosting) does not come free.

Though there are several hosting plans that you can choose from based on your budget and any of them will serve your website goal.

Also, WordPress.org hosting requires that you get a unique domain name, which also comes at a cost, though affordable.

So while you can set up a blog for free on WordPress.com, you must pay a domain name and hosting fee to get started on WordPress.org.


Customization talks about your ability to design and edit your blog to suit any imaginable taste.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most significant benefits that WordPress has over other website builders.

WordPress has numerous themes and plugins. These are its tool for site customization. With these tools, you can achieve anything imaginable with WordPress, even if you know no jack about coding.


With the free WordPress.com option, you have access to free themes that you can use to customize the appearance of your blog, but you have no access to WordPress plugins.


WordPress.org hosting allows you to use as many themes and plugins as you desire, making customization and performance a breeze.

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

Though some of these customization tools are not free. This will not be an issue because the WordPress repository contains a large number of free tools that will allow you to accomplish anything you want with your blog.

Generally, in terms of customization WordPress.org gives you a much better choice.

Website speed

You will agree that speed is one important factor when considering the functionality rating of a website. 

We all battle each day to improve our site speed, and we keep working on new things every day to improve this feature.

Before we compare WordPress.com vs WordPress.org speed, let’s clarify that there are practices that impact site speed irrespective of its hosting. A good example is the size of image uploads. The larger the size of images uploaded on a site, the more it affects the site speed.

WordPress.com has an edge when comparing site speed because it is a hosted platform. You don’t have to worry about site maintenance.

But in WordPress.org, your choice of web hosting will also determine your site speed. 

Two factors that can affect your site speed in this context are; buying a hosting option that can carry the demand placed on it by your website and the quality of your hosting company.


Before we round up, let’s say a few words about security.

Every website owner wants to run a platform safe from hackers and malware. So, website security is an important subject, both to you as a blog/website owner and those who will visit your website.

Also, since WordPress.com is a hosted site, you may have very few worries about website security as this is being taken care of for you.

When it comes to WordPress.org, you are responsible for everything that happens to your site, including security. 

So unlike a WordPress.com user, a self-hosted WordPress website owner must be keen to know ways to keep your site secured as nobody will do this for you.

My verdict: WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Let’s recap our WordPress.com vs WordPress.org comparison.

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

On the surface, it appears as though WordPress.com is a better option for beginners because the majority of technical challenges are taken care of for you, which is true.

But you have to consider your choice a bit more deeply. WordPress.org might appear a little challenging if you are just starting, but there is a reason why most people prefer WordPress.org.

While trying to manage the technical aspect of your site might appear like a disadvantage at first, this ends up being one of the most striking edges that WordPress.org has over WordPress.com. 

Having total control over your website is such an advantage you don’t want to pass over. While learning might be a little tasking at first, you will quickly discover that WordPress.org management is so easy to grasp.

Also, WordPress.org has an ever-active and vibrant community online. I guarantee that you will get support at your fingertips, no matter what it is.

By the way, MartBlogger.com is dedicated to helping you solve your WordPress and blogging needs, no matter what they are!

Consider also that with the WordPress.com free plan, you have no access to WordPress plugins. You will have to upgrade to the $25 plan at least to access this feature. WordPress without a plugin is not an idea you want to entertain as a WordPress user.

Therefore, you have to consider what a free platform means before going for it.

Conclusion; WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Every blogger/web owner needs a platform for website hosting WordPress is the most popular content management system that currently powers over 60 million websites.

There are reasons why everyone is on WordPress. While you know what WordPress does, you must also know that there are two types of WordPress; WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com and WordPress.com are two different blogging/web management platforms you have seen in this detailed article.

You must know the differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org before making up your mind on which to choose for your blogging. It will help you make a good decision so, you can start on good ground.

So, considering these differences, which in your opinion do you think is a better option between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.

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