YoWhatsApp: Best WhatsApp Version Review (YoWhatsApp Download)

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This is the only YoWhatsApp complete tutorial that you will have to see. Also, if you have been looking for the official YoWhatsApp download link, then click here

or tap the YO-App icon to download

Scroll down to follow the YoWhatsApp download and installation steps or watch the installation and review in the video below;

If you have been looking for a better WhatsApp messing app version that offers so many features than the regular WhatsApp app, then I think this WhatsApp version will serve you so well.

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Why YoWhatsApp is an amazing WhatsApp version

Despite the popularity of the WhatsApp messaging app, there are still several features that Whatsapp users either don’t like or are looking for an upgrade on.

This loophole in the WhatsApp app has opened new opportunities for developers all around the world to clone their versions of the Whatsapp messaging app. 

A major giant among the modified WhatsApp messaging app is YoWhatsApp.

Yo-App apk is a modded version of the regular WhatsApp app.

But, in addition to having all the functions and features of the meta WhatsApp app, YO-app has several other amazing additional features which are huge upgrades on the normal WhatsApp app.

I will be sharing 15 of such additional features found on YoWhatsApp in this article.

You will not find these features on the regular WhatsApp app.

15 YoWhatsApp Features Not Found in Normal WhatsApp App

First of all, do know that you do not have to delete the official WhatsApp app on your device before this app can work.

This gives you a good chance to test out the Yo-App app on your phone or tab and if you like it, then can still keep it or revert to the regular WhatsApp app.

It’s that simple.

Note: YoWhatsApp is not on the Google Play store, if you want the YoWhatsApp download, then do so by clicking here

Also, when you install the Yo-App app, you will not lose your messages on the normal WhatsApp app. That is if you so wish to keep them. 

Do know also that Yohwhatsapp contains all the features that are already available on the normal WhatsApp app. Then, it comes with several additional features that make messaging and chatting really fun.

15 Top YoWhatsApp Features

1. Recording voice notes Without Keep Touching or pressing the record button

On the regular WhatsApp app, you must tap and hold the recording button if you want to send voice notes. In YoWhatsApp, just tap the record button and swipe up to keep recording your voice. You don’t have to go through the hassle of keep touching the voice recording icon while recording your voice notes.

2. Set Home Screen Wallpaper

On the normal WhatsApp app, You can set wallpaper on only the chat screen, but with Yo-App, you can also set wallpaper on the WhatsApp home screen itself. 

This is a beautiful upgrade to customization in WhatsApp!

3. App Lock

Another good thing about the YoWhatsApp apk is that you can put an app lock on your WhatsApp app. This allows you to restrict access to your WhatsApp chats. 

You can set this app lock on without the help of any third-party app locker software.

YoWhatsApp comes with an in-built app locker that allows you to put a PIN or Passcode as your password to open the WhatsApp app.

This lock will only work for your WhatsApp app, not necessarily the entire device.

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4. Anonymous Messaging

There’s an inconvenient limitation in WhatsApp. You can’t send messages directly to someone unless you’ve saved their number. 

In the yowhatsapp apk, you can send messages to anyone without saving their contact number in your phone.

This is particularly interesting!

5. Media Sharing

Nowadays, sharing files over the internet is everyone’s need and many people do complain that WhatsApp does compress images thus reducing their quality.

Also, the maximum size that normal WhatsApp can send as an image is 16 MB.

YoWhatsapp on the other hand can send high-quality images without any limits. Moreover, with YoWhatsApp you will be able to send videos up to 700MB without any restrictions.

Tap the YO-App icon to download

6. Call Blocker

With the Call blocker feature on the Yo-App app, you can block individual WhatsApp calls or allow who can call you on WhatsApp call with this version.

7. Yo-Themes

If you are already bored with the regular layout and theme of the default WhatsApp messenger, then you should get the YoWhatsApp version!

If you want to customize your WhatsApp, then you can change the theme using YoWhatsApp for Android. 

Do note that new themes are introduced in every new update, so you can get an unlimited number of themes for WhatsApp.

8. Anti-Ban app

Well, YoWhatsApp messenger claims to be an anti-ban app.

So if that is true, you will not need to worry about getting your account banned. 

Moreover, you can enjoy using this app as long as you want and can send messages without any limits.

9. WhatsApp Status character length and font size formatting

This is another cool feature of the YoWhatsapp app.

The normal WhatsApp app has a maximum length of 139 characters on the WhatsApp status at the time of compiling this data. But, with the YoWhatsApp app, you can type in as many as 255 characters on the WhatsApp status.

10. Freeze last seen

Yeah, people can track your last seen on the normal WhatsApp app, but with the YoWhatsApp, you can freeze your last seen, even while your read receipt is still active.

11. Disable Forwarded Tag

When you use the message forwarding option to send messages on normal WhatsApp, the forward symbol will show up on the message. This makes the reader know that it’s not your originally composed message.

But with the YoWhatsApp, you can turn off this feature and disable the forward tag from showing anytime you what’s a message to any of your WhatsApp contact.

12. Status View Toast

This is another new feature that the YoWhatsApp offers. 

With this feature, you will know immediately when people watch your status.

Even more features

Also, with the Yo-App, you can save WhatsApp status images and videos.

You also have access to deleted chats and deleted WhatsApp status posts of your WhatsApp contact list.

Finally, YoWhatsApp allows an easy way to customize your font size, this is an upgrade on what already obtain on the normal WhatsApp app.

These are some 15 major features that you will be able to access on the YoWhatsApp app. This is in addition to all the functions that the normal WhatsApp app provides, all accessible when you use the YoWhatsApp app.

Also, as the normal WhatsApp updates and additional features in the future, these features will also be automatically available on the YoWhatsApp for use.

So, if you want to install the YoWhatsApp app, then click the download link here.

You will not find the YoWhatsApp app on the Google play store. 

The total size is about 50 Mb and you don’t have to delete your normal WhatsApp while installing the YoWhatsApp app.

After downloading, go ahead and turn off the Google play protect feature on your android phone, and then you can proceed to install the app.

If you don’t turn off your Play protect, you may not be able to install this app on your android phone.

Steps To Download & Install YoWhatsApp on Android Device

  • First of all, if your Google play protect is turned on, go and turn it off and after you have installed your yowhatsapp apk, you can turn it on again

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  • Then download WhatsApp APK latest version for Android phones from this download link or tap the Yo-app icon below

  • Once you have downloaded the YoWA APK file, install it on your device, and open the app.

  • When you will open YoWhatsApp for the first time, it will ask you to provide a mobile number for verification.
  • Choose your country from the list and enter your phone number. You’ll receive an OTP to verify your device.
  • Now you can enter your name and profile picture for WhatsApp.

  • Once done, just click on the 3 dots (menu) option in the top-right corner and click on YoMods.
  • Now you can find a list of all features that YoWhatsApp provides in the latest YoWhatsApp version

yowhatsapp download

What are YoWhatsApp’s cons?

So finally, are there any cons about the YoWhatsApp?

The first thing that you should know is that YoWhatsApp is not the official WhatsApp app and so, security issues might be an issue to be concerned about, even though the owner claims is safe to use.

Also, if you use the YoWhatsApp app, you might notice a fraction of seconds slower than the regular WhatsApp app. This may be expected because of its several additional features and functionalities.


YoWhatsApp is one of the most popular modded WhatsApp apps that is used today.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world.

The official WhatsApp users have been longing for additional features that will make chatting a fun experience. 

Presently, the official WhatsApp lacks many of these features. This has given developers around the world an opportunity to create their upgraded WhatsApp versions and YoWhatsApp is a major WhatsApp version that is downloaded today.

YouWhatsApp has over 15 additional chatting features that are absent in the official WhatsApp app as you have seen in this article.

yowhatsapp apk is not found on the Google play store. Click here to access the YoWhatsApp download and proceed to install as I have explained in this article.


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